Oxford Study Shows Deadly Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines Even More Deadly Than Deadly AstraZeneca Vaccine

I keep saying: studies don’t matter. They can produce any study to say anything, and the ones that produce results they don’t like, they just don’t report on in the media.

Presumably, no one other than the Russians is going to draw attention to this particular study – despite the fact it comes from Oxford, which is one of the main “SCIENCE” bases.


A potentially fatal blood-clotting disease is 30 times more common among people who have received the Covid-19 vaccines produced by Moderna and Pfizer than those given the troubled AstraZeneca jab, researchers have found.

A team of scientists from the University of Oxford has found that after vaccination, Vaxzevria (formerly AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine) recipients were less likely to suffer portal vein thrombosis (PVT) – blood clots in the artery from the intestines to the liver.

For recipients of the viral vector Vaxzevria vaccine, the incidence rate for splanchnic thrombosis – clotting in the portal and other abdominal veins – is 1.6 per million people, according to data from the EU drugs regulator the European Medicines Agency (EMA). By contrast, some 44.9 cases of PVT per million people were seen among those who had been injected with the mRNA vaccines made by Moderna and Pfizer, the Oxford research, published on Thursday, said.

We’ve been hearing for weeks that the AstraZeneca was the most deadly of the deadly group of vaccines. But this says it is less deadly.

There is a theory going around that the government wants people to take the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), which is why the other types of vaccines are getting pulled.

It could also of course be a money thing, rather than a gene therapy conspiracy.

Pfizer is also pushing a third shot, and Anthony Fauci seems to be going along with that.

Pfizer is a big Jewish money company, so it’s possible or likely that they would try to destroy competition by saying “your deadly vaccine is even more deadly than our deadly vaccine!”

Maybe every pharma company is trying to build their own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that they’re going to send to war against the mutants of other pharma companies?

(Did you know: in the Ultimate Universe, “The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” is called “The Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy”?)

But we don’t really have any way of knowing what the hell is going on. It probably doesn’t really matter, because no one should get any of these vaccines.