Oxford Professor: Helping Refugees in Their Own Countries is 135 Times Cheaper

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 27, 2017

Let’s pretend for one second that the immigration problem afflicting every Western country at once is the product of neo-liberal plutocrats’ “altruism” and not an organized conspiracy by Jews and big business to replace the native white people they rule.

The cost of beard grooming, hashish, prostitutes and other basic necessities “child refugees” from the Middle East and Africa demand from Europeans is much cheaper in their home countries.

If charity is their motive – which it isn’t – a dollar or Euro goes furthest in Pakistan or Somalia. Compared to the upkeep of supporting largely military aged and middle class males (the only ones with the money to pay for the trip) showing up to rape and murder Europeans at Christmas markets in an EU subsidized stag trip, you could help tens of millions of women and children for the same price.

Voice of Europe:

According to Oxford professor Paul Collier, Western countries can help more than one hundred refugees locally, for the same money we spend here on one of them.

The professor spoke at a conference of Denmark’s Social Democracy party in Copenhagen last week. He rejected the idea that Europe should receive migrants and said:

“We spend 135 dollars for every person who shows up here, compared to one dollar for every person that we help in their own region. Those staying home are often much weaker than the ones who have the resources to get to Europe.”

Collier also made a statement about the migrants and refugees who come to Europe:

“Almost everyone coming to Europe from countries where they were already safe… The idea that this group has an enormous need for help, is simply irresponsible and a result of intellectual laziness.”

It’s not intellectual laziness professor Collier, it’s a plan: white genocide.

This isn’t about human rights, refugee conventions, charity or even the Arabs and blacks themselves. This is about Jews and their running dogs trying to make our countries as brown as possible so that our ruling class has a colored buffer in between itself and the people. The goal is to create a permanent climate of fear and terror while dwindling our numbers so that it becomes impossible to vote them out or resist as our civilization dies a violent death.

Pennywise the murderous Kike, an eternal demon and one of the major string-pullers in the “refugee crisis,” is unambiguous in its intent: