Owatonna High School Race War: Arrests, White Kids Stabbed After Racist Social Media Post

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2019

Black people are showing the world that they don’t deserve to be called “niggers” as if they were subhuman animals by behaving like subhuman animals when someone says “nigger.” They show everyone that they’re civilized humans, just like you, by reacting with unthinkable violence at the sound of a word they don’t like.

Race relationships in America are deteriorating very rapidly. These kids got a rough awakening at the reality of the nature of blacks.

They’ll never forget this.

City Pages:

A shaky video posted to Twitter on Monday shows the Owatonna High School gym swarming with teenagers and law enforcement officers. A crowd of students are pushing toward a door illuminated from above by a red “EXIT” sign. The officers are holding them back.

According to a press release from the Owatonna Police Department, officers responded to reports of a fight at the high school office at about a quarter to noon on Monday. They got backup from the Minnesota State Patrol and the Steele County Sheriff’s Office. When officers arrived, they “observed a large group of students shouting and being disruptive in the commons area and gymnasium.”

The catalyst for the commotion, according to the release and the myriad of angry comments on Twitter, was a series of “racist comments” on Instagram and Snapchat. One of them shows a trio of girls in a car, making funny faces, with the caption, “always love teaching my bitches the best vocab.” It went on to explain that one of them had just said the n-word for the first time in her life.

Another photo showed a student, whose face was off-camera, holding up a middle finger and telling black students “fuck you” for “playing the black card to get us in trouble when y’all can all be the fucking racist [sic] to us.” Again, the student used the n-word.

A third photo showed a student covered in black paint with the caption: “Is this what being a [n-word] feels like?

In the fourth photo, a white student faces the camera with captions suggesting a new tradition for Black History Month: “[N-word] Friday.”

Releases from the police department do say a juvenile was taken into custody for assaulting a partnering law enforcement officer, along with another kid for obstructing legal process. A third was cited and released for trespassing. The two kids who were arrested were formally charged in Steele County District Court on Tuesday, both for fourth-degree assault of a peace officer. Neither will be named by law enforcement.

There have been tweets and posts alleging students stabbed or punched one another, but the press release assures that there were no weapons involved in the “disturbance” and that police were “not aware of any physical altercations between students.” All reported altercations before the police showed up were strictly verbal. Paramedics were dispatched to the school that day, but for an unrelated reason, the release said.

4 kids hospitalized and 8 arrested after “nigger” was pronounced. What a powerful spell.

Young white kids are discovering that blacks are subhuman monsters and they’re not giving a fuck about political correctness anymore.

These newer generations have grown with access to the Internet and have been freely accessing information since they first got access to a screen. Jewish conditioning is not very effective on them.

The youth is waking up.

This isn’t even the only instance of high schools having problems with the “n-word” this week.

Daily Mail:

High school students have been suspended after trading slips reading ‘Wonka’s Golden N-Word Pass,’ in what the principal is calling a racist incident.

Around 15 of the ‘golden tickets’ were circulated in the lunch room on Friday at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland, with the main culprits being three students of multiple races, WJLA-TV reported.

Principal Brandice Heckert harshly criticized those involved in an email sent out to parents on Monday, writing: ‘I am deeply disappointed and appalled that any student in our school would chose to engage in such a racist, hateful act.

‘It’s a joke that maybe went a tiny bit too far at the most,’ sophomore Gavin Norman, who was not directly involved in the incident, told WJLA. ‘I never touched the passes though.’

Norman said that a black female student was upset by the tickets and reported them to administrators.

He said that he knew of four students who had been suspended for periods ranging from one to six days. The school district would not confirm the details of student disciplinary measures.

Norman said that he had been grilled by administrators and pressured to ‘snitch’ on his friends for their involvement.

‘They asked me if I thought the passes were ‘offensive.’ I said, ‘sort of, but not really.’ They told me I needed to think it was wrong,’ said Norman.

Norman said that he had been given detention after refusing to name those responsible for the N-word passes.

No one has ever given a proper explanation as to why we have to refer as the word “nigger” as the “n-word” other than “it’s offensive to blacks,” which doesn’t even make sense because most of the time someone utters that word, blacks are not just offended — they violently lash out and initiate physical violence. It definitely holds another kind of power.

In the case of the Wonka’s Golden Passes, the word wasn’t even pronounced, it was just written as “n-word” but a black got triggered all the same.

What happened in Owatonna High School is proof blacks are not fit for civilization.

If blacks can’t control themselves after hearing or reading “nigger,” then they have no agency and are slaves of whoever utters that word.

If they can control themselves, then they’re choosing not to control themselves and to physically attack and hurt people, which is arguably worse.

Apartheid is the solution. Not only high school apartheid but also workplace apartheid, neighborhood apartheid, country apartheid, and continent apartheid.

Ship them all back to Africa.

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