Overwhelming Majority of Americans Oppose Jewish Neo-Con Wars

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2018

An evil Zionist empire that no gentile American asked for but has to pay for and die for isn’t popular – imagine my shock!

Yet, despite a very clear electoral veto of Jewish plans for our blood and treasure in 2016, Donald Trump’s White House still has Jews influencing foreign policy in traditional Jewy ways.

A new survey reaffirms the American consensus on this matter for the thousandth time. The overwhelming majority of Americans want the US out of everywhere. Why doesn’t our government reflect our will?

The Nation:

Last week, the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Foreign Policy—a bipartisan advocacy group calling for congressional oversight of America’s lengthy list of military interventions abroad—released the results of a survey that show broad public support for Congress to reclaim its constitutional prerogatives in the exercise of foreign policy (see Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution) and for fewer US military interventions generally. Undertaken last November by J. Wallin Opinion Research, the new survey revealed “a national voter population that is largely skeptical of the practicality or benefits of military intervention overseas, including both the physical involvement of the US military and also extending to military aid in the form of funds or equipment as well.”

Bill Dolbow, the spokesman for the Committee for a Responsible Foreign Policy, said, “We started this initiative to give a voice to the people and the people have spoken—Congress needs to enact more oversight before intervening in conflict abroad.”

The headline findings show, among other things, that 86.4 percent of those surveyed feel the American military should be used only as a last resort, while 57 percent feel that US military aid to foreign countries is counterproductive. The latter sentiment “increases significantly” when involving countries like Saudi Arabia, with 63.9 percent saying military aid—including money and weapons—should not be provided to such countries.

The researchers at J. Wallin note that, even in spite of what they call a “climate of distinct political polarization,” the results show these sentiments vary “only in degrees of intensity across political party, ideology, age groups, gender, and geographic regions.”

The survey found that 78 percent of Democrats, 64.5 percent of Republicans, and 68.8 percent of independents supported restraining military action overseas. “Rarely,” noted the report, “does opinion research reveal issues that enjoy shared sentiments on a bi-partisan level.”

Websites like Breitbart – as with the rest of (((the media))) – work day and night to keep interest in killing and dying for Israel alive, but even GOP voters don’t want it.

At this point, the Kikeocratic machine doesn’t even bother explaining why we’re still in Syria even though ISIS has been defeated.

How long can this be sustained for?

The Alt-Right should start planning to lead the next anti-war movement. With the J-left and libertarians being absorbed by the establishment, there won’t be anyone else. The only thing these traditional opponents of war want is to disenfranchise and eventually kill cis-het white men – something the Zionist warmongers are happy to let them do.

Looking at how the Jewish power structure is moving its chess pieces in the Middle East (arming Saudis to the teeth, coup against Lebanese prime minister, CIA attempt at starting a civil war in Iran), they’re preparing to attain the special ingredient for the matzoh (human blood).

How this next war will play out is anyone’s guess, but some sort of large-scale debacle appears inevitable. The Israelis can’t allow the Syrians to get away with their victory.