Overwhelming Bi-Partisan Support for Brandon’s Latest Limp Attack on China

The Brandon Administration has announced a “diplomatic boycott” of the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

The State Department’s statement was very gay, and fittingly delivered by a faggot.

That clip is only 46 seconds long, because Ned Price cannot go more than 1 minute without cocks in both his mouth and asshole, or he will go into apoplexy.

The move is intended to express the hatred that the US government has for the small-eyed yellow people who live on the literal opposite side of the earth.

Among other things, the Brandon Administration claims that China does not have a right to:

  • Administrate territories within their own internationally-recognized borders
  • Prevent Antifa from burning down malls and attacking the police
  • Stop Islamic terrorism
  • Dispute territorial fishing rights with Vietnam and the Philippines

Because of these issues, the Brandon Administration, which is run by the Jews, has repeatedly threatened a nuclear war with China.

A “diplomatic boycott” is just sort of a gay, whiny thing. Athletes will still be allowed to attend and compete, but the US federal government will not send a diplomatic envoy, as is customary.

This is the equivalent of a divorced woman who is ordered to allow her children’s father to see the kids on weekends refusing to come into his house when she picks the kids up on Sunday. Instead, she tells him she’ll wait in the car and the kids can be sent out.

It’s very feminine, faggot behavior, much in keeping with the current US policy towards China, which is rooted in ninnying and nagging. This gay harassment behavior is coming from Jew Antony Blinken’s State Department. I wrote about this strange strategic methodology here.

What is amazing is the total uniformity among the political class in believing that China must pay for the above bullet points.

Nancy Pelosi celebrated Brandon’s whiny nagging.

As did the GOP twerp and neocon lunatic Tom Cotton, who accused the Chinese of genocide against Moslem terrorists, without citing evidence for the baseless claim.

Strangely, Cotton himself has effectively argued for what amounts to genocide against the Islamic enemies of Israel, making the statement as hypocritical as it is false.

Mitt Romney, who is more or less a carbon copy of Tom Cotton, simply a more successful con-artist, expressed the same sentiment, also using the “genocide” word.

It’s worth noting that Romney, whose entire political career was rooted in being generically handsome, is taking on a markedly Palpatine look.

He may want to consider more radical, Mickey Rourke style plastic surgery, at which point he could become a more “tough guy” villain, as opposed to a limp-wristed, smiling “yes man” villain.

But maybe a descent into Palpatinism will work well for Romney, whose supporters appear to enjoy smug, smirking kinds of evil.

Speaking of villains from Star Wars, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump’s former CIA chief and Secretary of State, who currently shapes State Department policy through his role at the Hudson Institute think tank, said that this diplomatic boycott is not enough, and suggested Brandon must go through with his threats of all out war against the small eyes.

The obese Israel-firster Pompeo is suspected by many to be a homosexual pedophile and cannibal.

Recently released (yet unconfirmed) photos of him have been described as “gravely depraved.”

Nimrata Randhawa, an Indian infiltrator and foreign agent of both Israel and her home state of India, a woman with as many dogs in this fight as the Jews themselves, also claimed Biden needed to go further.

Sickeningly, The Daily Caller printed the spy’s hate screed.

Here’s another GOP and neocon hack demanding war immediately, as opposed to a build-up to a war (Michael Johns was a Heritage Foundation creature, along with the leader of the Tea Party movement).

The perpetually annoying and nagging CNN Jew Jake Tapper this week gave a similarly whiny statement demanding much more aggressive punishment of the small-eyes, and condemned anyone who does business with the Chinese as effectively a murderer.

CNN this week brought someone on to suggest that the athletes themselves may be murdered by the Chinese government while competing.

That’s frankly on par with when the Israelis came out and said last year that China was slaughtering tens of thousands of people to harvest their organs.

It’s difficult to describe just how full of shit these people are.

But here’s a clip from CCTV of a South American professor making an attempt at it.

Basically, this entire “genocide” thing is just a rumor, which is based on nothing other than NATO and State Department backed think tanks making totally unsubstantiated claims, allegedly based on eye-witness reports.

The wigger population in Xinjiang has grown by 25% in the last decade. That is a statistical fact. So if there is a genocide, it’s not a very good one.

You probably won’t find any of China’s replies to the Brandon Admin anywhere but here, but they were pretty funny.

The spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in the US says that no one cares if they come.

He also said they were never invited anyway.

Then he posted memes mocking the idea that the United States is some kind of paragon of morality.

There has literally never been a more corrupt country on earth, ever in history, than the current Jew-run United States. Due to the scale and influence, it must be considered worse than those 13 years of Russia under the Bolsheviks.

The idea that these people have a right to go around telling other people how to behave, and threatening to destroy them if they don’t obey, is inexplicable.

But what is even more inexplicable is the universal support for this war against China. All Democrats and all Republicans support it. Even Tucker Carlson talks about the Chinese threat.

I again challenge any of these people to create their own bullet point list of things that China did to us. I posted two bullet points last week of things that China did not do to us:

This is the same thing I’ve said to the male feminists arguing that there is a benefit to women’s liberation, who also refuse to present a bullet point list of these benefits. Anyone who refuses to present a simple bullet point list outlining their positions is either lying to you or is a confused, emotional wreck.

If the anti-China bullet point list is really terrorists in Xinjiang, Antifa in Hong Kong, Vietnamese fishing rights, and Anal Marriage in Taiwan, then they need to go ahead and make a bullet point list as to why I should care about those issues. In particular, it would be nice if those bullet points focused on how those things affect my life.

If you’re one of the people caught up in this anti-China hysteria, you really need to ask yourself what is going on if you find yourself on the side of:

  • Joe Biden
  • The entire US State Department
  • Mitt Romney
  • CNN
  • Mike Pompeo
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • “Nikki Haley”
  • Israel
  • etc.

If I found myself agreeing with even one of the entities on that list, I would say to myself: “it’s probably time to reevaluate my thought process here.”

Frankly, I’m much more concerned about the Japanese turning NEETs into pedophiles and homosexuals with their cartoons. As has been said many times: Japanese no good. No good. Dirty Japanese no good.