Over 50,000 Japanese Protest Against ZOG/Negro-Rapist Occupation

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2016


Kenneth Gadson, AKA Sgt Ficki

The exploits of Sgt Ficki and the diversity squad have finally been brought into the light as tens of thousands of Japanese people demonstrated against the ZOG/Negro rapist occupation of their country. Around 50-65 000 people were present in one of the largest demonstration against the occupation force in living memory.


The Japanese island of Okinawa sees one of the biggest demonstrations in two decades, involving at least 50,000 people who protest against heavy US military presence after a local woman was murdered by an ex-Marine and a string of other incidents.

The demonstrators were protesting against heavy US military presence and grave crimes repeatedly committed by servicemen against the residents. In the most recent case that resonated amongst the locals, a 20-year-old woman has been murdered by an ex-Marine employed as civil worker at the US military base.

The rally ended with signing a petition, demanding that Japan and US governments offer apologies to the family of the murdered 20-year-old woman, and also to all Okinawans.

Okinawa hosts several major US military bases that occupy nearly one fifth of the island’s territory and accommodate about 50,000 U.S. nationals, including 30,000 military personnel, Reuters reports. The bases have long been blamed for noise and air pollution, but they are also seen by many locals as uneasy legacy of post-WWII American military occupation.

“Japan is still a military colony of the United States,” 59-year-old teacher Noboru Kitano was quoted as saying by France24. “This base symbolizes that.”

This is essentially what the French did to the Germans during the French occupation of the Rhineland. They sent in colonial Negro soldiers and their ficki ficki resulted in the Rhineland bastards. I’ve heard stories of Paki peacekeepers acting the same.


Rare photo of a colonial platoon in the Rhineland

In May, the 20-year-old woman, Rina Shimabukuro, was raped and murdered by a 32-year-old civil contractor and former US Marine Kenneth Franklin Gadson, who goes by his Japanese wife’s family name of Shinzato. He admitted he strangled and stabbed his victim.

What a beta, taking his wife’s name. Then again, I could understand that he wouldn’t really have much racial pride considering his people didn’t even have the wheel until the white man gave it to them.

Rare video of Kenneth before he joined the army

Germany has roughly 80,000 foreign troops occupying their country. Just imagine how much worse they must have it.