Over 300 Protests Against the Invasion

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
July 22, 2014

It isn't complicated: we don't want these sickening people in our country, we don't care how old they are.
It isn’t complicated: we don’t want these sickening people in our country, we don’t care how old they are.

From the 8th to the 19th of July, there have been more than 300 protests opposing the planned legalization of the millions of illegal immigrants within the United States.

“We know that [the] 12,000 people expected to attend nearly 300 events shows illegal immigration is the most important problem facing America,” said William Gheen, president of the group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

The protests were organized by Make Them Listen, a group which believes politicians are not interested in the people’s opinions on this subject

“Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and adults have surged across the U.S. border illegally, causing the Obama administration and Congress to finally confront issues of both legal and illegal immigration.” the group’s press release says,

“Many Americans nationwide have become outraged that proposed solutions to this crisis have centered upon granting amnesty to tens of thousands of unaccompanied adults and minors, all while U.S. unemployment rates continue to soar.”

President of the group, Paul Arnold said he believes “Many Americans feel unrepresented in this debate and strongly oppose the granting of amnesties”

“With so many Americans struggling to find work, now is no time to swamp the labor markets by adding even more workers through foreign competition. We are protesting to call attention to this injustice and demand that our president and government stand up for American workers and enforce U.S. immigration laws.”

President Barack Obama has requested in excess of 3.7 billion dollars to “fix” the problem. A few weeks ago Obama gloated that bringing in immigrants is “central to our way of life.“, so it’s obvious he stands for more immigrants.

Since spring this year, 50,000 illegal immigrants have been recorded entering the U.S. through the Texas-Mexico border; most of them from Central America.

In just about all White countries across the planet, anti-White politicians and governments are all trying to get as many non-White immigrants into White countries as possible.

If immigrants were really so good for the economy Africa should be the first place in the world to have these immigrants. Africa also has around two thirds of the world’s land resources, in addition to plenty of undeveloped land for growing food and building on.

But no Black leaders are going to allow millions of non-Black immigrants from around the world to flood into Africa and make Black people the minority – they are not insane.

These non-White immigrants are not being brought in to White countries to strengthen the economy, or to diversify, or whatever other excuses. These non-White immigrants are being brought into White countries to make them non-White countries.

Out of all the hundreds of countries in the world, the only countries that have all these “problems” which can be solved with endless non-White immigration, are White countries?

That’s because, the anti-Whites all agree that White people are the problem. The way to get rid of White people is to flood White countries, cities, towns, etc with millions of non-White people, and hope that we mix ourselves out of existence.

They call it “diversity” but this “diversity” turns White people into a minority – and ONLY White people. That is genocide, and “diversity” is their codeword – their excuse – for White genocide.