Outrage as Schools Banning Anal Flag (Unsafe)

Children need to know it is safe for them to really ram their dicks in each other’s anuses at the school.

We’ve got a new threat to the safety of our children, and we need to take swift action.

First they remove the rainbow flag, then they remove the glory hole from the bathroom. It’s the creeping crawl of fascism.

If a young child can’t get a rimjob at school, then where can he get a rimjob? 

This is terrorism.

Yahoo! Life:

In-person school is back, and with it, various bans — on the obvious weapons and drugs, but also the more questionable ripped jeansbrightly dyed hair, certain backpacks and, in a few districts, mask mandates.

But now a surprising number of schools — along with some small-town governments — have been banning something meant to symbolize safety and freedom: the LGBTQ pride flag.

The rainbow flag is like an old-school ‘safe place’ sign — LGBTQ youth are able to see it and say, ‘OK, I can be me here, I can be accepted and loved and safe without fear,'” says Carla Sue Castro, a mental health counselor and mom of two kids in the Bluffton, Ind., school district — which banned rainbow flags (and anything else not directly related to official lessons) after a mom said that one displayed in an eighth-grade classroom may have prompted homophobic bullying towards her son.

But that signal of acceptance, Castro tells Yahoo Life, “is huge for our kiddos.”

Still, reports of similar incidents have come at such a fast clip with the start of this school year that it’s been hard to keep up: Other school districts proposing or instituting pride-flag bans (with some also suppressing Black Lives Matter flags) have included those in Newberg, Oregon (currently being fought); Westfield, Indiana (prompting protests); and Davis County, Utah — not to mention incidents in Winterset, IowaNeosho, Missouri; and the Newport-Mesa Unified School District in California that have resulted in teachers being placed on leave, resigning or being fired for displaying pride flags (or, in the California case, jokingly suggesting students pledge allegiance to one) in their classrooms.

What a bizarre news article.

Who wrote this?

Was it Chinese communists?


I guess that’s just more evidence that the Jews are really pawns of the Chi-coms. Because I am definitely certain that I saw on Fox News that it’s the Chinese who are responsible for the collapse of our social fabric.

Imagine that it is now controversial to say “I don’t think we should be encouraging our children to ejaculate in each other’s assholes.”

The Jewish head of the DOJ (must be on the CCP payroll) recently designated people who go to school board meetings and complain as terrorists. A lot of parents, who are now classified as terrorists, were trying to stop the school from coercing their children into doing gay anal ramming and gay blowjobs (rimjobs as well).

So it seems the problem of the gay flag is solved, if we’re finally going to be sending parents who complain about it to be tortured at Guantanamo Bay.