Outer Worlds Might be the Fallout Game We’ve Been Waiting For

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2018

Last week, Obsidian released a trailer for The Outer Worlds, a first person RPG shooter created by the guys who created the original Fallout games and New Vegas.

It looks very much like this may be the Fallout game we’ve been waiting for.

Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are the directors, and they put this game together before Microsoft bought Obsidian. We’ve all been worried about the Microsoft purchase of Obsidian, since it is the company that creates all our favorite games.

M$ will have no input on The Outer Worlds, which is being published by Private Division, the parent company of Rockstar.

A 15 minute gameplay trailer was also released.

It looks like exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

Focusing on a parody of corporate consumerism, it might have a little bit too much of the goofy silly stuff we are familiar with from Borderlands. Those games were very popular, so it seems likely that producers said “look, we need a bunch of silly bullshit thrown in – not that grimdark stuff you did in New Vegas.”

Furthermore, much of what we Neon-Nazis liked about New Vegas might be banned in a current year game. In 2010, you could get away with allowing players to sell Jewish anti-fascist doctors into slavery.

You couldn’t get away with that now.

But aside from a probable absence of hardcore Nazi (or even basic politically incorrect) elements in the game, it should probably be apolitical. Although, The Daily Stormer claimed that Obsidian’s sequel to Pillars of Eternity was an interracial feminist shitshow.

So who knows.

What they are announcing is that at least the basic format of the game will be honest and normal. There are no microtransactions. Getting a AAA game made without that element in current year is at least as difficult as avoiding Nazism.

So, I won’t be pre-purchasing this game. But if the reviews are favorable, I might buy it and write something up.

If they’re not favorable, maybe I’ll replay Cain and Boyarsky’s “Arcanum.”

Except… Sseth already did that and I don’t think I could do any better.

By the way: would you all, dear readers, donate to a Twitch channel of me streaming completely non-racist Let’s Plays of my favorite isometric RPGs from my childhood?

We could start with Arcanum, since that one has been on my mind. Then maybe do Temple of Elemental Evil, because I never finished that one before. Then maybe do like this: Fallout 1, Baldur’s Gate 1, Fallout 2, Baldur’s Gate 2.

Or we could do requests.

My sense of humor is actually pretty good even when I’m not doing hardcore racism, and I am literally going to have to get a new source of income to pay for this site, because you people certainly do not donate enough to pay this site.

Literally, you are the single most ungrateful audience on the internet. No wonder the right-wing always loses. You people won’t even send me $5 a month. There are hundreds of thousands of you and I can’t even pay the staff.

You should really be ashamed. This is supposed to be an ideological site, but The Guardian gets 50 times more donations per reader than we get.

But yeah, maybe I’ll go the Twitch route. Otherwise I’m gonna have to get a job working for Somalian pirates, which pays very well but is going to cut into my time writing and editing this site.