Ousted African Occupation Dictator Returns to Home Base, Attacks America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2018

Barack Obama, head of the brutal African occupation of America, who was overthrow in the revolution of 2016 by the decorated meme warrior Donald Trump and his Frog Army, has returned to his homeland in Africa to give speeches condemning the white revolution.

In giving a speech honoring the hundredth birthday of the negro communist race warrior terrorist Nelson Mandela, Obama spoke in a mix of English and Zulu to call Trump a liar.


Former President Barack Obama gave his first significant speech since he left the Oval Office on Tuesday, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

Speaking to a crowd of around 15,000 people at the 16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Johannesburg, Obama called the South African political leader “one of history’s true giants” and someone whose “progressive, democratic vision” helped shape international policies.


At least Obama never ordered the necklacing of whites.

But I think if he wouldn’t have been overthrown, that was clearly the direction we were going in.

The ousted Africans full speech is at the time link.

Or I guess you could watch it.

He uses the word “democracy” 27 times.

He said Trump is shutting down the free press…

Who needs free speech as long as the economy is going good? The free press is under attack. Censorship and state control of media is on the rise. Social media – once seen as a mechanism to promote knowledge and understanding and solidarity – has proved to be just as effective promoting hatred and paranoia and propaganda and conspiracy theories.

He says the press is under attack and then implies individuals on social media need to be silenced because he doesn’t like their speech.

It’s propaganda and conspiracy theories.

And the Mueller probe is what?

What is CNN, still talking about pissgate?

When any of these people

No Donald Trump ever stole my domain.

The best part was the dance.

That’s the “Kill the Boer” dance.

It is a very strange thing that Obama is this hardcore black nationalist communist revolutionary and that he was allowed to occupy America for 8 years, during which period he incited a race war against the police.

And now he is in South Africa, as their new regime is initiating a new land-theft program, as the killings continue, and celebrating all that while attacking Trump.

Strange times were in here, lads.