Our Values: Satanic Women Show Their Saggy Breasts in New York Dyke March

Here’s your daily dose of Our Values:

They’re in a state of ecstasy brought on by the ritualistic chanting and dancing.

That’s Who We Are.

New York Post:

Proud protesters let it all hang out Saturday, celebrating lesbian pride during the 29th annual Dyke March in Manhattan on Saturday.

Dozens of topless women triumphantly splashed around the fountain in Washington Square Park to mark the end of the march — which organizers described as a “protest march, not a parade” and a celebration of “beautiful and diverse Dyke lives.”

The annual event, returning to the Big Apple for the first time since the easing of the COVID-19 pandemic, took place the day before the Pride Parade with the theme “Black Dyke Power.”

Marchers sang as they walked from Bryant Park down Fifth Avenue to the famed Greenwich Village greenspace before taking over the fountain.

Along the way, there was a moment of silence to honor black trans lives lost. Protesters stopped at 23rd Street and held their hands in the air, crossed in the shape of an X.

Those who identify as “bisexual dykes, pansexual dykes, trans dykes, femme dykes, dykes who are unsure if they are dykes, dykes who will scream that they are dykes from the rooftops” to attend the rally.

It’s easy to see that homosexuals are good because someone with the facial features of Satan supports them.

Doesn’t it feel great to know that your ancestors worked themselves to death so that these women could enjoy living a degenerate lifestyle?