Our Position on the Donald

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2015


Time for a bit of Straight Talk on The Donald.

Though I thought I had made it rather clear, there seems to be continuing confusion as to my position on Donald Trump.

I’m going to go ahead and do a couple bullet-points, just so we’re all clear.

Things I Do Not Think:

  • Donald Trump is the savior
  • Donald Trump is a secret Nazi
  • Donald Trump is going to be President
  • Democracy is a viable governmental system
  • Donald Trump is the new Hitler

Things I Do Think:

  • Donald Trump is funny
  • Supporting Donald Trump for President is funny
  • Donald Trump is injecting real issues into popular discourse that otherwise wouldn’t be discussed
  • Donald Trump is outing the GOP establishment as shills, sowing the grounds for a mass exodus from the party and toward something new
  • Nothing bad happens if you support Donald Trump
  • Donald Trump is the new Hitler

I don’t know how to make it any simpler than this.

Questions for the haters:

  • How can you possibly claim that it would be better if Donald was not injecting these issues into the popular, public discussion?
  • Does that not seem obviously ridiculous?
  • You would complain that now we are talking – in a serious way – about forcing the Mexican government to build a wall?
  • You would complain that now we are talking about Mexicans as murderers and rapists?
  • You would complain that the media is now forced to highlight specific cases of Mexican murderers?
  • You would complain that the GOP is literally being slaughtered by its own base because Donald has made it clear that yes, you can indeed say these things?

We all know that he has a Jew-in-law and has said a lot of positive things about Israel and Jews. How does that negate the positives of what he is doing?

No one has explained it. They’ve just said “oh no, he’s bad because of such and such Jew links.” But him saying something about Jews doesn’t make the things he’s said about Mexicans magically disappear from reality.

Again, please understand: no one actually thinks he is going to be President. That said, I also doubt that anyone thinks having him as President wouldn’t be a whole lot better than having Hillary or Jeb.

And Jeb is not an actual possibility. The Donald is actually more likely to win than he is. What we are facing here is a Hillocaust. This woman is going to crush us, completely. America simply will cease to exist.

Last Thing

I can’t please everyone. The site is much too controversial for that. If you go into an emotional rage every time someone says something you disagree with, you probably shouldn’t read this site ever again. Because I guarantee you, at some point, you’re going to disagree with something I say.

If you are catching a serious feel, I would tell you to “man-up.”

But I’ve already said that.