Our Boy Kyle’s Bail Set at $2 Million (Even Though He Did Nothing Wrong)

Wait – did they make it a crime to be a nerd?

Why does he have a $2 million bail?

He didn’t even do anything wrong.

New York Times:

Bail for Kyle Rittenhouse, an Illinois teenager accused of killing two men during protests over a police shooting in Kenosha, Wis., was set at $2 million on Monday as Mr. Rittenhouse made a first appearance in a Wisconsin court.

The father of one of the men who died urged the court not to allow Mr. Rittenhouse’s release, warning that he is a flight risk. “Kyle Rittenhouse thinks he’s above the law and he’s been treated as such by law enforcement,” said John Huber, the father of Anthony M. Huber, who was killed in the shooting.

Mr. Rittenhouse has become a cause célèbre for conservatives who insist he acted in self-defense, and donations have poured into a legal defense fund on his behalf. Even President Trump suggested shortly after the shooting that Mr. Rittenhouse’s actions were legitimate. “He was trying to get away from them, I guess, it looks like,” Mr. Trump said in a news conference in August.

Mr. Rittenhouse, 17, has been charged with six criminal counts, including first-degree intentional homicide, for the shooting on Aug. 25 that left two protesters dead and a third injured. The shooting occurred after a clash between demonstrators, who were protesting a white police officer’s shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black Kenosha resident, and armed civilians with guns who said they had come to downtown Kenosha to protect businesses and private property after two nights of fires, looting and destruction.

The hearing on Monday afternoon came as Mr. Trump was scheduled to hold a rally at the Kenosha Regional Airport on the final day of campaigning before Tuesday’s election. A protest against Mr. Trump’s appearance is set for Monday evening outside the Kenosha County courthouse, where protesters had demonstrated in August.

Mr. Rittenhouse spent nearly two months without bail in an Illinois detention center while his lawyers fought to prevent him from being returned to Wisconsin to face the criminal charges.

Does anyone think those “people” he killed didn’t deserve it?

One of them was literally a gay pedophile.

You know, this kid’s fate is also riding on today’s election.

Judges are political – especially when they fear for their lives.

Judges are not some holy order – they are human beings, and they are subject to the whims of the political order as we all are.

I will predict, 100%: if Trump wins, Kyle gets off (maybe convicted of something but not a serious murder charge). If Trump loses, they lock him up forever.

And that is the future we’ve all got to deal with: Justice is not going to be blind if Joe Biden wins this election. All of us are going to be hunted down and we are going to be punished for having supported the evil orange man.

I’ve already been severely punished. Look at my life before and after the 2016 election. Look at what they did to me. They can talk of all the silly bullshit they want about “white supremacy” – they did this to me because I support Donald J. Trump, I made memes, I created online energy, and they blamed me for him getting elected.

The ADL itself openly blamed me for him getting elected.

Then, all of a sudden in 2017, all hell broke loose on me. My entire life was upended.

If we lose this election, they’re going to come for all of us like they came for me.