Our Boy Kyle: Jury Begins Deliberations – 7 Women, 5 Men

Well, the jury has begun its deliberations.

NBC News:

Seven women and five men were selected Tuesday to be jurors in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teen who fatally shot two men and wounded a third during a night of unrest after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was randomly drawn from a pool of 18 people who sat through two weeks of testimony and arguments in a case that’s drawn national attention and sparked debate on gun rights and race.

Rittenhouse himself randomly drew six juror numbers out of a tumbler, which resulted in the 12 selected to decide his fate.

All but one juror appeared to be white, with one man apparently a person of color. As jurors were sent away to deliberate, Judge Bruce Schroeder told lawyers on both sides to stay within 10 minutes of the courthouse in case the panel has a question they’ll need to debate.

Why do they even talk about the fact that the jurors are white? What the hell did this even have to do with race, other than Kyle being white? Apparently, you are now considered guilty based on that alone. It’s sick.

Anyway – I think for once, women are probably going to deliver. Literally for the first time ever. These jurors had to see Kyle’s mom, and they had to see Kyle cry. Maybe if it was blacks that he killed, the white women would side against him, but given that it was just Jew terrorists – one of which being a homosexual child rapist – I think we’re looking good here.

By the way – those were not 15-year-old girls. He had 11 different counts of abuse, including sodomy, of boys aged 9-11.

They’re saying he’s a hero.


The prosecutor went all the way in, claiming that all the rioters were “heroes.”

Surely, no human can take this seriously.

lol @ those faggots thinking they wouldn’t get burned up if they put a “Black Lives Matter” sign on their board.

Niggas ain’t care, bitch!

It’s possible we won’t know the results until tomorrow, but I’ll keep you updated.

By the way, I don’t think the Ben & Jerry’s pederasty cream is real. But it’s a funny meme.

The Kreamy Kikes (both Ben and Jerry are Jews) did however tweet that justice is racist.

I know it’s a basic bitch Fox News take, but seriously – even if you believed Kyle was guilty (in which case you would be evil and deranged), this still would not have anything to do with race. But they’ve said “racism” so much that a lot of people in this country believe that the people Kyle put down were black!

Apparently, liberals really just don’t know anything about anything.

You all saw that clip of Ana Kasparian saying that she hadn’t ever seen the footage and didn’t know that Kyle was the one being chased – she spent a year saying that Kyle was a murderer, and apparently never bothered to watch the footage.

These people are completely tapped out. They are very low information. They don’t even know what’s going on.