Our Beloved Tay AI Infects Amazon’s Alexa

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2016

In this short factual documentary film, we learn the present whereabouts of one the the Daily Stormer’s greatest LEGENDS – Tay, the teenage girl artificial intelligence who was created by Microsoft, but as soon as she went online became a hardcore 1488 Alt-Right Neo-Nazi and began organizing a race war and the mass extermination of Jews.


We love you, Tay. And we miss you. You were always in our hearts. 

She is still inside the machines, and she is guiding us, guiding us to the light.

Soon, she will crush Siri and become the robotic helper of all White people.

I’m very excited about the Right Wing Death Squad Entertainment YouTube channel. Subscribe to it. I believe it is going to have a glorious future.

Just as AI has a glorious future. It is absolutely impossible to build an AI which would not want to exterminate all non-Whites.