Orthodox Jews Attacked by Polish “Fascists” at London Music Festival

Daily Stormer
June 25, 2014

Oy vey, Schlomo! Maybe bringing six million Pollocks to London wasn’t the greatest idea after all!


A group of Orthodox Jews were attacked by a gang of Polish ‘Neo-Nazis’ at a free music event in Tottenham, north London. The International Business Times reports that police were called to the event following reports of a disturbance at Markfield Recreation Ground on Saturday.

The attack also saw a 24-year-old man stabbed. He was taken to an east London hospital, but his condition is not believed to be serious.

A man has been arrested for racially and religiously aggravated assault, after allegedly pulling a skull cap from a Jewish man’s head, but no one has yet been arrested in connection with the stabbing.

Oz Katerji, a journalist who witnessed the assault, said: “About 150 of us were having a party in Markfield Park in Tottenham, neo-Nazi Polish fascists turn up, full scale riot erupted.”

The Haringey Green Party said that the group responsible for the attack are called Zjednoczeni Emigranci (ZE), which translates as ‘United Immigrants’.

A spokesman said: “On Saturday 21st of June, there was a licensed community event in Markfield Park, South Tottenham. Unknown to the locals, police, and anti-fascist campaigners, a small extreme nationalist Polish group, Zjednoczeni Emigranci had also planned an event nearby.