Organ Transplants Can Change Your DNA – Don’t Involve Yourself in This Bizarre Science Experiment!

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2019

This could be your baby – if you got a bone marrow transplant from some Black dude. *Shivers*

Yet more evidence that this whole organ-transplanting business is actually a lot more dangerous and experimental than we’ve been led to believe.

In fact, there’s already evidence that people receiving organ transplants can start exhibiting traits from their donors.

But this is even scarier.

Interesting Engineering:

Imagine parts of your DNA not belonging to you. When Chris Long from Reno, Nevada, took DNA and semen samples much of his DNA came back stating he was, in fact, a German man Long had never met, putting into question Long’s own identity.

The reason behind this strange exchange is that the German man is, in fact, a donor who had donated bone marrow to Long four years ago.

The impact this is having on Long’s DNA is fascinating to forensic scientists.

The New York Times recently published Long’s story, explaining he needed to undergo a bone marrow transplant after he discovered he had acute myeloid leukemia — cancer that stops the body from producing blood normally.

After the transplant, Long’s unhealthy cells were replaced by the healthy donor’s blood-forming cells, which explains why some of Long’s DNA is his donor’s.

One of Long’s colleagues at the Washoe County Sherriff’s Department thought that his DNA may be different in other parts of his body, encouraging him to check. After Long’s consent, the team took DNA samples from various parts of his body before and after his transplant.

It turns out Long’s DNA is different around his body.

His chest and head hair for instance only show his DNA, whereas swabs from his cheeks, lip, and tongue show mixed DNA from both men.

Interestingly enough, when samples of Long’s semen were taken the DNA from it only came up as belonging to his German donor.

His semen.

In other words, if he were to have a baby, that baby wouldn’t inherit his own DNA, but that of his donor.

In other words, if you’d received a bone marrow transplant from a Black man, your baby would be a little niglet.

That’s the scariest thing I’ve ever heard.

It’s really a good thing that Black people don’t donate organs – or blood – or money – or anything else, really.

(Except bullets – they donate those like crazy.)

What if receiving some Black heart makes your soul Black, and you end up reincarnating as a negro in your next life?

It’s not worth it.

On the other hand, if Germans start donating bone marrow to Africa… Just sayin’.

Long told the New York Times “I thought that it was pretty incredible that I can disappear and someone else can appear.”

This information is baffling scientists and experts alike.

Long’s case raises a few questions, namely, what does this mean for the future of forensics?

DNA samples are sometimes used in court cases as evidence. If innocent people’s DNA is showing up at crime scenes due to bone marrow transplants, forensic scientists have an interesting case on their hands.

This information absolutely must be kept away from Black people.

Otherwise, they might just start donating their body parts, just to be able to pin their innumerable crimes on hapless White organ recipients.

This man was only guilty of receiving organs from some Black rapist.

Hopefully, we can soon stop engaging in this barbaric practice of transplanting organs from other people and instead use bio-technology to clone our own organs when they need replacement.

Hopefully, that same technology can be used to somehow get brown people to have White children, instantly solving most of the world’s problems. It’s not like you would need to force them, either – even if you’d charge top dollar for the service, I’d bet they’d be lining up for it anyway.