Oregon: Violent Mob is Right, Destroyed Founding Fathers Statues are Pure Hatred

The whole thing of right-wingers pointing out that Antifa serve elite and law enforcement interests has reached the end of the line.

You can tell these people “everything you believe is in line with the ruling oligarchy, and you literally use violence to defend the government’s policy by being protected by the government and permitted to commit violence.”

If you tell them that, they will just smirk.

They all know that.

They know that they are fighting against you, the white middle class, and they are happy that the intelligence services, the media, and the billionaire elite are on their side in this battle.

Washington Examiner:

Statues of founding fathers and other famous political figures might not be going back up any time soon in Portland, Oregon.

The organization in charge of public art in Portland endorsed a recommendation Wednesday that the statues of historical figures that were vandalized and toppled during the 2020 George Floyd protests should not be returned given their insensitive nature, according to a press release from the organization.

The toppled and removed monuments of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt: Rough Rider, Harvey Scott, and Promised Land will not be returned, as they could become “gatherings centered on racist or bigoted ideology,” according to the statement.

The policy change reflects the mission, values, and vision of the Regional Arts & Culture Council Board of Directors and the city’s importance of anti-racism, according to the RACC.

“The updated policy states that public artworks can be removed if the ‘subject or impact of an artwork is significantly at odds with values of antiracism, equity, inclusion,'” the statement said.

Anyone who is saying “right-wingers are the real rebels against the elite” and trying to convince Antifa to join the right-wing to fight the elite is useless and dangerous.

These people like being the soldiers of the elite, because the elite share their values.

Anyone who doesn’t understand at this point that Antifa are effectively the personal army of the banks, Amazon and the FBI is beyond help.

The billionaire elite and the banks, who themselves control government policy, are at war with normal white people, because normal white people are the only group that could challenge them. People who join Antifa are either Jewish or some other low race, or they are whites that hate their fathers.

They do not “oppose power” in some general sense. That is all just gibberish, that has no more meaning than the ramblings of a schizophrenic homeless person.

This is all straightforward and obvious, and anyone claiming to be confused about it is stupid or lying on purpose.

I’m fully aware of the neo-Nazi groups who claim they are going to convince Antifa that neo-Nazis are the real opposition to the establishment. However, those same neo-Nazi groups support feminism, which is the core heart of the mechanism of oppression of the people of this country and of every white country.

A related but more fundamental point: Neo-Nazis also promote a utopian ideology, based primarily on the same type of authoritarianism the left embraces.

What we need to recognize, above all, is that the concept of ideology itself is the rot at the core of the body politic. It is not abnormal for an Antifa to switch to neo-Nazism or from neo-Nazism to Antifa. If you are a believer that the perfect set of abstract notions can lead to a utopia on earth, then your belief system is going to be dependent on whichever abstraction you find most emotionally appealing at any given moment.

People are lost and confused, and I feel for them.

But all of these faggots, weirdos, feminists, neo-Nazis and other such freaks are denying the basic and fundamental nature of mankind, which can only be found in one place: the body of Christ.

We as men are a part of nature, and we seek to live in balance with nature. There is no concept of utopia in nature. Nature includes violence, and suffering, and the only thing that nature ensures is an order that overcomes the negative aspects of the physical experience in order to assert balance.

The forces of chaos are always aligned with the forces who claim that it is possible to create a perfect system of human organization that overcomes the systems of nature. Any attempt to create utopia always leads to chaos.

As for me and my house, we seek not utopia, but simply to belong and to fulfill our role in the eternal cycle of nature. Utopian thought is married to chaos because both oppose the balance of nature, which is unmovable.

This current order will collapse. Nature demands it.

Fear not.

The war started because of the choice of man, or rather, man’s ability to choose.

But the only true choice is to roll with it, or roll against it.

Our Founding Fathers are hated because they understood the nature of man, and did their best to create a system that would allow for the positive aspects of man’s nature to be harnessed for good, whilst the negative aspects would be as tamed as it is possible to tame these darker drives.

The American Republic could have lasted at least as long as Rome if it were not for the industrial revolution and the success of the Jews in harnessing this revolution, which was entirely material in nature, for their own satanic material purposes.

Please understand: man’s moral and philosophical understandings have declined with the rise of the machine.

But the machine is here and it is with it that we must contest, and make the argument for our own humanity.

Note: It’s Saturday, I’m finally up at 3 AM, and still a little bit toasty. Work with me here. I do have a point.