Oregon State University to Resume “Fat Studies”

Daily Stormer
August 10, 2017

If you hadn’t been brainwashed your entire life to hate fat people for no reason, you’d get a boner watching this

There is only one solution to the obesity epidemic: we have to start a massive meme campaign to convince these fat fucks that guns have candy down their barrels. Meme magic can make it happen!

Campus Reform:

Oregon State University will offer a spring course on “fat studies” in order to teach students how “weight-based oppression” is a “social justice issue.”

According to a syllabus for the course obtained by Campus Reform, students will examine “body weight, shape, and size as an area of human difference subject to privilege and discrimination that intersects with other systems of oppression based on gender, race, class, age, sexual orientation, and ability.”

The conclusion will be that White Supremacy is the root cause of all evil in the world.

What did I tell you?

The course will be taught by Professor Patti Lou-Watkins, who has written extensively on “body image disorders, particularly as they relate to weight bias and physical activity” in academic journals and books.

In a 2013 article in European Health Psychologist, for instance, Lou-Watkins argues that the growing “war on obesity” has actually caused more harm than good, saying many who attempt to lose weight suffer psychological consequences.

“Indeed, as the ‘War on Obesity’ has escalated, so has weight-based bias and discrimination,” Lou-Watkins adds, noting that “weight bias is particularly evident among healthcare professionals, compromising the well-being of their patients.”

No… Being fat is what’s compromising their well-being, not doctors pointing out that they’re fat. There is absolutely no part of your body that isn’t under constant harm from being fat, so of course anybody with half a brain (which presumably includes most doctors) is gonna focus on that before anything else, since that’s the obvious cause of all the other problems you have.

“I grew to embrace feminist pedagogy in terms of course content as well as classroom practices,” she explains. “My course now frames body image disturbances more as a function of oppressive societal structures than of individual pathology.”

That’s a fancy way of saying “I’m a worthless piece of shit, and it’s everybody else’s fault for noticing.”

In yet another article, Lou-Watkins celebrates the fact that “the field of fat studies has undergone tremendous growth in recent years, with colleges now offering courses in this area,” such as hers.

Not as much growth as your ass, I’ll bet.

Indeed, students enrolled in her spring Fat Studies course will be presented with opportunities to explore “forms of activism used to counter weightism perpetuated throughout various societal institutions.”

The three-credit course, however, is not the only of its kind at OSU, with another class called “Women, Weight, and Body Image” similarly examining “weightism as a system of oppression that interacts with other systems of oppression” such as “sexism, racism, classism, heterosexism, ableism, and ageism.”

Lou-Watkins has offered the Fat Studies course in previous semesters, as well, according to The Daily Caller.

Take a good look at this, White man. This is why you’re not building a city on Mars as we speak. Because kikes made up “courses” where fat women are (unsuccessfully) taught that it’s okay to be a disgusting pig.

There is only one solution to the grotesque world the kike propped up all around us, and you know what it is.