Oregon: Parents of Eight-Year-Old Boy Sue School After Teacher Brainwashed Their Son Into Transgenderism

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2019

Sex education nowadays deals with topics such as being transgender and a sodomite, and it is being defended because allegedly there are kids in need of that kind of information.

The reality is that their goal is to push impressionable young kids into degeneracy and confuse them about whether or not they want to chop off their dicks.

Daily Mail:

The parents of an Oregon schoolboy are suing his school district claiming a teacher made their son confused about his gender identity by wrongly assuming that he was transgender after he asked to use a staff bathroom because of a medical condition then giving him books and TV shows to watch about transitioning.

The mother and father, who have not shared their names in order to protect the boy, say in a lawsuit that he started using the staff bathroom in April 2018 because of a digestive condition which made him uncomfortable going to the restroom in front of other kids.

The teacher wrongly presumed that he did not want to because he does not identify as male, they said.

To ‘educate’ him, the unnamed teacher gave the boy books to read about gender identity issues and recommended TV shows on the subject, his parents say. They also held him inside during recess to develop the ‘lesson plan’. 

Poor kid wanted some privacy to take a dump and ended up being indoctrinated by one of these perverse, rotting agents of society that are commonly called “teachers.”

They claim the boy had never before shown gender identity issues but that as a result of being taught about them, is ‘confused’.

‘He feels different now, he feels confused… still today, a year later, if he plays with my niece, he’s a girl in that moment… if he plays with my nephew, he’s a boy,’ the mother continued to Fox 12.

They say that he is now traumatized after being exposed to sexual themes and needs a counselor. They only learned about it when the boy came home with the books at the end of a school week.

‘He came home Friday with the books in his backpack,’ the mother told Fox 12 about the student in reference to copies of I Am Jazz and Who are You? The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity.

Now they are demanding almost $1million from Nellie Muir Elementary School’s Woodburn District after the child – who was eight years old at the time – was pulled from his regular schedule and shown books and TV shows about transitioning to a girl without their consent.

The parents state in the lawsuit that he was kept back from recess at least three times for secret lessons ‘in an effort to promote (him) becoming transgender’ and to teach him ‘it is acceptable to become transgender’.

During that time he allegedly watched the I Am Jazz show, starring Jazz Jennings, on the same topic and was not allowed to join the rest of the children playing outside until he finished the shows or books.

I wonder if he watched the one about Jazz Jennings’ fake vagina falling apart.

The lawsuit states that the child was told to take the books home to share with his family. It also alleges they discussed sexual topics in the one-on-one exchanges.

Sending your boys to school may result in them:

  • Being approached by a teacher and forced to read transgender propaganda
  • Being held in the classroom during recess to plan their path towards dick chopping
  • Being exposed to sexually explicit topics and forced to think about sex
  • Being forced to watch transgender videos about how mutilating their genitals is something to be celebrated
  • Possibly being given a wig

Those are just some of the dangers of modern education. Then you have the skin tone issue, the general curriculum issue, the good goy conditioning issue, and many others. Kids can more or less manage to resist some of those, but can they resist all of those combined? They’re under constant attack, and the Jews keep coming up with new attack vectors to add to the ongoing mental siege.

Having authority figures in the form of teachers telling kids that transgenderism is okay and something to be celebrated is an abuse of authority and an attack on our future.

Pushing kids into any form of homosexuality is pushing kids towards sterilization.

We can’t have future generations if everyone’s turned transgender.

The Jews know this, which is why they added this gender confusion stuff to their arsenal of white genocide weapons.

No weapon of theirs can bring us down on its own, but the more weapons they employ and add together, the closer they get to their goal.

There should be zero tolerance for gender fluidity, transgenderism and homosexualism of any kind.

We have to protect our kids.

We have to fight for our future.