Oregon: Mass Shooting at Rap Concert, Zero Deaths (lol)

Imagine black violence happening at an event celebrating black violence. The mind boggles.

A shooting?

At a rap concert?

New York Post:

Six people were injured after a shooting broke out at a rap concert in Eugene, Oregon on Friday, police said.

Multiple shots were fired at WOW Hall, where rappers Lil Bean, Zay Bang and other artists were slated to perform around 9:30 p.m., local time, the Eugene Police Department said.

The people who were wounded were taken to local hospitals. Their conditions were not immediately released, and cops didn’t say whether they had all been injured by gunfire.

“We have a male in a hoodie that was seen running westbound on 8th (Avenue) right after the shooting,” Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner said in a press briefing. “We think that’s our suspect.”

“A male in a hoodie,” huh?

I guess we’re playing by German rules now, where we don’t say the race ever.

This isn’t even national news outside of the Post.

Remember: the real violent threat is white people.

The government wouldn’t lie to you about that.

But maybe they’re right – I don’t think it’s possible that a white man could open fire on a crowd and kill no one at all.