Oregon Man Arrested for Buying Girl Scout Cookies with Counterfeit $20 Bills

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2020

He had the perfect plan.

But there was just one problem.

Oregon Live:

A Salem man was arrested Sunday after he repeatedly purchased Girl Scout cookies using counterfeit money, police said.

Camden Ducharme, 36, was taken into custody and charged with forgery and theft, according to officials.

Earlier this month, Tiffany Brown said a man visited the cookie booth she and her two daughters were running Sunday morning outside the Walmart Supercenter at 3025 Lancester Drive in Salem.

The man asked a ton of questions, Brown recalled, and seemed “fidgety.” He paid for a $5 box of Tagalongs with a $20 bill and received $15 in change, but Brown’s 13-year-old daughter, Ava, immediately noticed the bill seemed odd.

“As soon as he was out of ear shot, she said ‘I don’t think this money is real,’ “ Brown said.

Left is real bill, right is meth bill.

At first glance, in a photo Brown shared on Facebook, the counterfeit money doesn’t look all that suspicious. But the bill was slightly smaller than the other twenties in their till, it had a bluish tint, and the texture of the paper wasn’t quite right.

“We called the non-emergency police line and the police officer took (the bill) and said ‘yes, this is a fake,’” Brown said. “It’s pretty unbelievable.”

Police said they responded to at least one other incident in which Ducharme used counterfeit bills to buy Girl Scout cookies.

He did it to multiple girls.

He had to have made these bills himself, and known that the only people who would accept them were children.

Imagine formulating a conspiracy to rip-off Girl Scouts selling cookies.

The scale of the weirdness that goes on in this country is too much to ever process. But if you look at little bits, like this story, you can begin to grasp the fundamental nature of a country that has slipped into another dimension.

Girl Scout cookies were exciting when I was a kid, but I remember the day the girls came to the door and my mom checked the package and they were made of soy and trans fats. I guess enough people have complained since then, because according to their current ingredients page, they no longer contain partially-hydrogenated vegetables oils. However, they’re still made of soy and use sickening vegetable oils instead of butter.

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