Oregon: Governor Kunt Brown Declares “State of Emergency” Ahead of Proud Boys Rally

In Portland, Antifa have been rioting, starting fires and literally attempting to burn down a federal building for months on end.

But if the Proud Boys hold a rally, it’s time to declare a state of emergency?


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has declared a state of emergency in Portland over the weekend, in a move her office said will allow authorities to better respond to a far-right rally that could draw thousands to the city Saturday.

Under an arrangement Brown laid out Friday, the governor’s emergency declaration will put authority for addressing the rally — along with any counterdemonstrations — into the hands of the Oregon State Police and Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. With this “incident command structure,” the Portland Police Bureau would follow the lead of those agencies.

In a press conference announcing the decision, Brown cited a pattern that has repeatedly played out in the city when far right demonstrators hold rallies to provoke counterprotesters and soon devolve into violent street brawls.

“The First Amendment does not give anyone license to hurt or kill someone because of opposing political views,” Brown said. “And when free expression is fueled by hate and coupled with an intent to incite violence, then I need to do everything I can as governor to ensure the safety of Oregonians.”


She is suggesting that the Proud Boys are going to kill people.

This comes after one of her Antifa darlings literally killed someone for wearing Trump-associated clothing.

The event is being organized the far right group the Proud Boys, which regularly engages in violence at protests, and is supposed to take place in North Portland’s Delta Park. A counterdemonstration is planned at nearby Peninsula Park.

State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton said the governor’s decision would lead to a massive influx of state troopers into North Portland starting Saturday morning.

The governor declined to give figures for how many law enforcement officers from various agencies would be coming into the city, but said she was “confident that law enforcement is adequately resourced to tackle the situation.”

The arrangement also frees up police officers to use CS gas, a type of tear gas, if they determine the demonstration has gotten out of hand. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced earlier this month that he was prohibiting city police from using the gas, following widespread criticism officers have used it indiscriminately on demonstrators during months of demonstrations for racial justice in the city.


Wheeler banned the use of gas on Antifa, so they have to make a special exception so they can use it on Proud Boys!

Earlier this week, both the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon State Police had rebuffed the Portland Police Bureau’s request for assistance with crowd control, citing the ban on CS gas. Law enforcement officials, including Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell, have said they believe the gas is the safest option to disperse crowds and warned a ban would lead to more dangerous physical interactions between police and protesters.

With the governor giving control to Oregon State Police, all three law enforcement agencies will have the option of using the gas.

“We will not remove CS gas as a possibility from these events,” Hampton said. “Under this authority, we will make this available to not only state troopers, deputy sheriffs, but also Portland police officers.”

At time of writing, it is 14:00, and there doesn’t seem to be any major problems in Portland.

Twenty minutes ago, the New York Times published an article saying the city “fears” violence from these Proud Boys.

I’m sure there will be violence – instigated by Antifa, of course. But if it was going to go nuts, it probably already would have.

This weird black guy has a stream up right now, and he’s showing guys in American flag masks just standing around in fields.

This stream features a bunch of different streams, and I’m not seeing any violence:

It’s possible that someone from Antifa will kill someone again in the night. Who knows.

But obviously – obviously – the Proud Boys aren’t going to start violence.

All this having been said, I want to say again what I say every time I talk about Portland: there is zero point for right-wingers to go there. It actually makes no sense at all, to the point where I tend to believe that Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys are most likely run by the feds.

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What are they trying to accomplish going there? It is a totally blue city. It’s blue to the point that Republicans get under 5% of the vote, in every election.

So, what is the goal of going there to demonstrate? It doesn’t make any sense. They’re not going to convince anyone of anything.

Obviously, they have a right to demonstrate. It’s America. But it tends to just come across as whiny, like they are purposefully provoking people for no real reason.

I don’t blame the rank and file of Patriot Prayer or Proud Boys. But I am very suspicious of the leadership of these groups, and this obsession they have with Portland, which is likely the single most Democrat city in America.