Goy Orbison’s Eye-Witness Account of the Sam Houston Rally

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
June 13, 2017

The Houston rally to counter the purported antifa protest against the Sam Houston statue was an unmitigated success for the Daily Stormer crew, pro-White meetup groups in general and awakened Saxons worldwide. After initially being skeptical of the event due to the dubious nature of whether or not it was an actual antifa protest, we came to the conclusion that its authenticity was irrelevant as it gave us an opportunity to make our presence known, get our message out there and stand out among the directionless, dead end civic nationalist groups.

Our crew consisted of various Daily Stormer book clubs from across the state (led by the inimitable Azzmador), Vanguard America’s Texas branch, an assortment of unaffiliated alt-righters and members of my group, The Houston Goylers. Having spent the weeks leading up to the event devising a game plan with the Vanguard guys (who are a disciplined, highly-organized crew of stand-up guys), we were ready for whatever came our way. We anticipated that there would be no actual antifa showing up and as a result, we would become the targets of the ire of the ineffectual Boomercon groups like the Oath Keepers (Oaf Queefers), patriotards and other easily duped doofuses that just wanted to yell at anyone who didn’t fall in line with their ineffectual, lukewarm, talk radio nationalism.

This lead to the initial scuffle where the patriotards threw a temper tantrum because their meaningless, rainbow nation brand of civic nationalism was intimidated by balls-out white advocacy.

After trying to boss us around and playing Billy Badass, the fat-titted Boomer Antifa leader made it clear that his top priority was enforcing political correctness (aka Jewish Sharia) and proceeded to tattletale to get the police to relocate our group because his feelings were hurt and his tiny walnut brain couldn’t handle something that wasn’t spoonfed to him by limp-dick conservative commentators.

A few things can be taken away from this. First, while I initially had high hopes for the rally attendees hearing us out, since we had common ground with things like hating antifa and political correctness (or so they claim), and standing up for our heritage, it became abundantly clear that many of these lemmings were not ready to hear anything that challenges their stale, safe one-dimensional worldview.

This is something that can be extrapolated to a majority of white people. Whites are diehard conformists. This is a strength that has been turned into a weakness and exploited by our enemies. In a homogeneous white society, conformity is an earmark of why the society is ideal. Everyone being a law-abiding citizen creates an equilibrium and this stability is a big part of what attracts outsiders to our nations. It’s not like Africa or Haiti, where mass rapes and machete attacks are the norm. Or Central and South America, where drug gangs flagrantly murder people in broad daylight. Or the Middle East, where your neighbor might spontaneously combust at any moment. People can live well in majority white countries because you can rely on nearly everyone to follow the law to a T.

Who would want to live in a society like this when you could have Aztec diswashers drunk driving on your streets and blasting Tejano music throughout the night?

However, when a hostile alien force embeds itself in your society (what Anglin calls “xenoarchy”) and gains control over your rule book, whites will still continue to enforce the norms and laws given to us, even if they make no sense or actively undermine our position in society. So many whites are ruthless conformists that would rather die (or kill) than for someone to step outside of the bounds of what is deemed socially acceptable. And thanks to almost a century of social engineering by the Jewsual suspects, advocating for the well-being of your own people is considered the worst possible thing a white person can do, to the point where these impotent Boomertards will break their oath to protect Constitutional rights like the First Amendment and sit idly by while an invader assaults someone from their own tribe.

And then will even post footage of the assault bragging about it. “I dun good there, didn’t I boss? See how well I follow the rules? I’z a good boy!”

“Ey holmes, I’m all fer de Consteetooshin ese,” said the natural conservative as he smoked a joint in a Che Guevara T-shirt. This is who these people would rather associate with.

This video is the perfect encapsulation of Boomertard cuck nationalism. This dipshit doesn’t even know what group he’s mad at or what our views are, but boy is he passionate about signaling against us.

The irony of this, of course, is that no amount of Jew ass-kissing matters. In the end, these cowards that are afraid of the scarlet “R” are still labeled as white supremacists anyway. And what do they get for their trouble? Nothing but mockery from the chosen noses. Local Luegenpresse writer and archetypal turbokike Evan Mintz’ entire feed was nothing but snark and insults directed at the attendees.

Oaf Queefers will stand up for the JuMale’s First Amendment right to ridicule them and denigrate their culture, but will attack us for advocating for our own people.

To be fair, many of these people do deserve mockery. But the problem is, they would defend this smarmy Jew who has nothing but contempt for them and attack us for having legitimate criticisms of his criminal tribe. And of course, while they’ll join him in the chorus of whining about the evils of racism, they’ll have no problem with his people’s own ethnocentrism.

Yarmulke-donned Yeshiva graduate jewrnalist marries a psykikeatrist: This level of Jewry shouldn’t even be possible. (Also, why did he marry a (((fellow white person))) and not a pygmy or a squatemalan? That’s not very tolerant. It’s almost like he has a preference for his own kind or something.)

Another thing that stood out was how all of these groups down there have very vague goals and ideas that they rally around. Freedumb, the Constitution, ‘Merica, “patriotism”; it’s all just a bunch of buzzwords with no clear goal, keeping these groups stagnant and chasing their own tails. When we showed up, we knew that odds were this was a hoax*, but we were going use this to get our message out. When antifa didn’t show up, many of these groups melted down and not only set their sights on us but other groups. Old folks waving confederate flags and others were subject to the brutal boomer antifa techniques.

*Some of us were fully aware that it was πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡ -AA

A normie-presenting guy came to our area and said he was about confused what these other groups were here for. “They’re mad about flags or something, I dunno. That’s what they’re passionate about?”

Alt-light attention whores like Based Chopstick Man showed up to steer momentum into the curb and keep things as vague and corny as possible. “Trump’s doing his best,” “Be patient with him. He’s playing a real deep chess game right now,” and a cliche chant of “What do we want? Freedom!”

Wow, such a relevant and compelling message.

If only Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood came out to play a patriotic duet while an interracial gay couple made out while wrapped in an American flag. Now that’s civic nationalism!

Just compare that passionless, low-energy drivel with the heat our very own Azzmador was pitching, which even in a form purposely edited to try to make him look bad still came across as inspiring and memorable. We have a worldview. These people have stale, meaningless talking points and vague principles that they don’t even live up to if someone crosses a line they don’t agree with.

Another thing that stood out was how, despite the reputation we get for our views and sense of humor, we were among the most cordial people there. The only confrontations I witnessed were in response to hostility being initially aimed towards us by the aforementioned Boomer Antifa and a cholo yelling out curse words from his car (which you can see at the end of the video).

Plenty of normiecons, alt-lite, Proud Boys and even some nonwhites came over to investigate and were surprised to learn we weren’t villains from an 80s movie that would attack them on sight. We also didn’t water down our message and cater to them, opting for an honest approach. It’s akin to Teddy Roosevelt’s famous “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” We weren’t there to cause trouble, but we’re not going to cower in fear in response to attempted intimidation. As a result of our unwavering stance, some of the normies and alt-lite types ended up staying over and protesting alongside us.

This should be the mentality of whites everywhere. We’re not there to cause trouble, but we’re not about to just lie down and take shit from anyone either. Especially Boomer Antifa.

Despite having various news outlets interviewing us (and Azz stealing the show), most of the footage was not released by the Lugenpresse. They thought they had some Hollywood Nazi clowns on their hands. When they got well-thought-out answers, they opted to engage in what’s called “dynamic silence,” which is basically not giving airtime to opposing view points. Thankfully, the power of the Internet has immortalized footage from our experience of the event, with the two videos above and the entire livestream available for your viewing pleasure.

At first, I wasn’t really sure what to think, as the vast majority of the normie rally attendees were stuck in their conditioned ways and blocked out our message with screams of “Racist!” But as weev pointed out to me, you don’t go to rallies to convert people. Anyone going to a rally has to be passionate enough about whatever their view is to actually attend such an event. The real takeaway is that these videos have spread like wildfire and they portray our side as more competent, more intelligent and more clearly defined than these needlessly contentious civic nationalist clowns. All in all it was a great experience and a definite win for our side. I highly recommend, if you haven’t already, getting organized on a local level and once you have your shit together, make your way out to rallies like this. It’s a great way to interact with people, make our message stand out and further our cause.