Orange Man Bad

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 16, 2018

So I was watching this Stephen Colbert clip, and I was like “wow, that was really not even a little bit funny at all.”

It’s a fake interview with Trump, using the footage from his recent 60 minutes interview.

It’s an old Daily Show bit to take an interview and cut it up and make it look like people are answering different questions than they actually are.

The bit was actually originally taken from Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

The Daily Show’s Jon Liebowitz stole the bit after it was used on him.

Maybe someone else did it before, I don’t know, but it’s a good, solid bit that is really easy to do.

But this Colbert thing isn’t even close to being funny.


Well, because it isn’t supposed to be. Making people laugh is not the goal of modern comedy. The goal is to reinforce – and give the latest updates of – the correct views. It is done in a passive form that imitates the form of traditional comedy.

These views are downloaded and repeated by the masses of NPCs.

I think the NPC theory is true, and these people do not have souls (I’ve had a long thing about this on the backburner since the NPC meme came up a couple months ago, and haven’t gotten around to getting it together).

However, even though they do not have a true conscious existence, given that they are programmed robots, they do feel the primitive, basic emotions of pleasure and pain like any stupid animal. And they find a type of pleasure in agreeing with others and then having their group agreement reinforced.

All of this “orange man bad” stuff coming from late night comedians that living people with souls look at and say “I just don’t get it – even if you are politically liberal, how is this funny?” is actually very straightforward if understood in context. This is a ritual of confirmation of the beliefs of the group, and they derive pleasure from having their role as a part of the group confirmed. The laugh track is part of the ritual of group confirmation.