Orange Cheeto Man Confuses Iran and Iraq, Thinks You Can Do Limited Strikes Without Starting a War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2019

I wrote a joke article earlier about this issue, but it’s time for a serious article about it: Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know the difference between Iraq and Iran.

He’s blaming Iran for nearly half of the American deaths in Iraq.

I knew this was coming last week when John Bolton’s former chief of staff was asked by Tucker Carlson when the last time Iran killed an American was. That appears to have been when this talking point was introduced, because he fumbled around, saying something about a plot to bomb a Canadian train, then said “oh what about IEDs in Iraq tho?”

They kept saying that Iran would be invaded if they killed an American, now they’ve just rewritten history to make it so Iran already killed 2,000 Americans.

It is of course total bullshit.

I had forgotten about this, but it’s a talking point George W. Bush trotted out when the same neocons Trump has hired were trying to start a war during his second term. But no one ever provided any evidence that Iran was supplying these bombs. And the allegation didn’t really make any sense.


Coalition forces also began to target alleged Iranian Quds force operatives in Iraq, either arresting or killing suspected members. The Bush administration and coalition leaders began to publicly state that Iran was supplying weapons, particularly EFP devices, to Iraqi insurgents and militias although to date have failed to provide any proof for these allegations.

That was in 2007.

So they’re just trotting out used fake news from 12 years ago.

The actual reality of the Iraq War was that it led to increased Iranian power in the region. Iran cooperated with the initial invasion, and was praised by many American generals for their help.

The short explanation of that is that Saddam was a Sunni leader in a half-Shiite country. Iran wanted a Shiite leader, so they could have a straight shot supply line to Lebanon and Palestine. This happened, thanks to the US – forming the “Shiite Belt.”

It’s even believed that they allowed Shiite cleric and militia leader Muqtada al-Sadr to perform the hanging of Saddam Hussein after that monkey trial.

In the latter part of the war, the US did then start fighting Shiites for whatever reason, but to blame half the total war deaths on Iran is completely insane. And I think it’s pretty disrespectful to the dead. It’s a kind of Iraq War Denialism.

“Limited Strikes”

I don’t know how much of this is stupidity and how much is confusion and senility, but Donald Trump appears to believe what the Jewish media and his neocons are telling him – that it is possible to do a “limited strike” on Iran like he did on Syria (twice).

He said today on Fox Business that the war would be really quick and that there would be no boots on the ground.

This is absolutely nonsensical gibberish.

If the US strikes Iran, we are going to be in a massive war, immediately.

As Retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor told Tucker Carlson last week:

I think the President understands that an attack on Iran would result in an all-out-war. The notion of limited strikes is absurd. The Iranians would respond with everything they have because their economy is at ruins, their backs are against the wall. He knows that. He doesn’t want that, so we should be grateful.

Look, this will ruin our economy if we engage Iran in a war. Iran will instantly have support from around the world. They will be the victims of this limited strike that is being discussed. The limited strike idea is sheer insanity. It will provoke a war. Everyone – China, Russia, India, many European states – will come to the aid of Iran. We will end up with a larger coalition of the willing against us than we have seen in decades.

I think the President has figured this out. He has got good instincts. But he needs to get rid of the warmongers. He needs to throw these geniuses that want limited strikes out of the Oval Office.

The last thing the American First agenda needs is a stupid, pointless, unnecessary war with Iran and he knows that so he needs to act as much.

If bombs hit Iranian soil, this is going to be insane. They are going to unleash total war – and they will be absolutely justified in doing so, because Trump is effectively planning a terrorist attack on them.

You’re gonna see the entire Middle East light up.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is declaring that they will burn the entire bitch down if America attacks Iran.

There will be attacks on American troops across the Middle East, and stuff is going to start blowing up at home, and this entire thing will be Trump’s fault and the entire world will blame him for it and no one will understand why he did it – unless they’re willing to point the finger at the Jews. And most people will not blame the Jews when they can blame the evil racist orange Cheeto man.

No one even understands what the hell is going on here. No one understands what Iran did. Because they didn’t do anything. They are the victim of presidential harassment. And the arguments that they’re trying to make for this war are so thin, that Trump is dredging up random bits of fake news from over a decade ago.

The neocons/Jews know that any bombing will start a war. And it’s what they want.

They have removed every prominent Jew from the administration, they’ve got buttgoyim Mike Pompeo and John Bolton up there at the front of it, and when this whole thing blows up in the face of the United States, they’re going to blame it all on Trump and claim he is simply insane, and started this war because he’s racist against Moslems.

We will lose the war.

But it doesn’t matter. Israel doesn’t order the US to start wars to win them, they tell us to start wars to create regional chaos and instability. They don’t care what it does to us.

And a war will definitely cause instability in Iran. When the US finally surrenders under some incoming Democrat president – probably not until 2024 – Iran will have been set back 100 years.

And as far as I can tell, this is happening.

They’re just waiting to stage some kind of false flag, after which Trump can actually do these alleged “limited strikes.”

Trump’s only option is to fire these crazies. And if he was going to do that, it seems to me he would have done it already.