Oppressive Finnish Courts Sentence Nazi Hero to 2-Year Prison Sentence

Daily Stormer
January 1, 2017

They have black cops in Finland? Smdh.

We’ve recently reported that the ZOG state of Finland was trying to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement, Scandinavia’s largest hardcore nationalist outfit, over some triffle.

While that is still in the works, the traitors have been hard at work persecuting nationalists over the holidays.

Daily Mail:

A Finnish neo-Nazi has been jailed for two years following a fatal assault on an innocent bystander who died after being kicked in the chest at a violent demonstration.

Jesse Torniainen, 26, was found guilty of kicking Jimi Joonas Karttunen in the chest on September 10 in Helsinki.

The neo-Nazi is a member of the Finnish chapter of the so-called Nordic Resistance Movement.

So much fuss over so little. Instead of jailing him, they should give him a grant to open a dojo.

Since when does a little kick warrant two years in jail? Especially when the kick is done in response to an assault. And yes, spitting on someone qualifies as an assault. “Innocent bystander” is nothing but a lie.

You’d think they’d have covered up how much of a degenerate the “victim” is, but instead, it’s been revealed to the world.

During the trial, Torniainen claimed he only intended to scare his victim.

However, the court found him guilty of ‘aggravated violence’ despite a plea by prosecutors that he should be convicted of ‘aggravated manslaughter’.

Mr Karttunen, 28, fell to the ground and smashed his head, dying six days later due to bleeding on the brain.

But according to medical reports, Karttunen, a drug abuser, had used unprescribed medications and not followed hospital instructions while receiving treatment.

Antifa. Junkie. Wigger. Rapper. Yes, the world is a better place now.

The “victim” escaped the hospital in the middle of his treatment to go get high at home, and died shortly thereafter. The medical report shows his death was due to his own actions, and not the nationalist’s kick.

The state had no choice but to drop the “murder” charges. But make no mistake, they’d have loved to be able to put this patriotic man in jail for a few decades if they could have gotten away with it.

But even this sentence is outrageous, and according to NRM sources, will be appealed by their lawyers.

Prosecutor Anja-Riitta Rinkinen slammed the court’s decision not to convict Torniainen of manslaughter, saying the victim was killed because he stood against racism.

She said: ‘An act of violence directed against a person who opposed the racist incitement can be considered to have a racist motive.

In other words, if you fight back against antifa after they attack you, that’s a hate crime.

Our enemies would change the laws to make it illegal for nationalists to defend themselves, while giving leftist scum a free license to assault us whenever they feel like it.

But do not fret.

The tides are turning.

This trial did nothing but expose to the world the type of scum which opposes our nationalist agenda, and how corrupt the court system is. And there is still a good possibility that our hero will be successful in his appeal to the court.