Opioid Deaths Exploding as a Result of the Coronavirus Lockdown

I seem to recall predicting that the opioid deaths would explode as a result of the lockdown. It wasn’t much of a prediction, frankly, just as my prediction of domestic violence and divorce explosions weren’t exactly difficult.

This is what happens when you purposefully implode a society.

The government is going to kill us all by protecting us from this mild flu virus.

Fox News:

Opioid deaths are spiking in places across the U.S. as states remain locked down during the ongoing battle against the coronavirus, state and county health officials reported this month.

While national data isn’t available for most of 2020, several individual states are reporting an increase in opioid overdose deaths amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Health officials and experts have cited increased isolation and job loss due to statewide shutdowns as possible factors for the surge in drug-related deaths.

“The pandemic has really increased risk factors for substance abuse disorder,” Rebecca Shultz, director of community health at the Onondaga County Health Department, told Syracuse.com.

Opioid deaths in Onondaga County, N.Y., jumped to 86 in the first six months of 2020, according to the county health department. This number was nearly double the reported 44 fatalities in the first half of 2019, the outlet reported, citing the county medical examiner’s office.

Oregon saw a 70% increase in opioid overdose deaths in April and May 2020 compared to the same time last year, the Oregon Health Authority said.

While the department called the rise an “alarming spike,” it also said it was “premature to say how much of the spike in overdose deaths is attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“However, the realization that we will be dealing with COVID-19 for some time, and other stressors related to jobs, school, and social isolation, may increase feelings of anxiety and depression, and that can lead to a harmful level of alcohol or other drug use,” said Tom Jeanne, deputy state health officer and deputy state epidemiologist.

We need to work out some kind of math equation here.

How many people are we willing to kill in order to save one person from dying of coronavirus? Are we willing to kill three people? Ten people? Fifty people?

How many lives lost to other causes is it worth to save someone from dying of the coronavirus?

I don’t know what the number is, because none of this makes any sense to me. Everyone knows and just openly admits that more people are going to die as a result of the lockdown than from the virus – that’s not controversial. But I think we need to have the discussion, and decide how many people we are willing to kill.

If we decide, “we’re willing to let twenty people die of drugs, suicide, heart failure, foregoing a needed surgery, other diseases, murder, and so on, for every one life we are able to save from coronavirus,” then let’s stick to that. When it’s past twenty people dying from other causes for every one we save from the virus, then we need to say, “okay, we’ve passed the limit we set, we need to start rolling back the lockdown.”

But of course: none of it is ever discussed in these terms. People are still saying, “we’re saving lives,” as if the only thing anyone has ever died from is coronavirus.

None of any of it is frank or straightforward. It is all this thick, cryptic gibberish. Anthony Fauci might as well be the Riddler. Or Pinhead.

Someone needs to ask Fauci directly: how many people is he willing to kill in this endless quest to stop people from becoming infected with this harmless virus?

Is there any weight at all put on the lives that are being destroyed?

Is it truly just a coincidence that he’s received all of this money from Bill Gates, and he’s now pushing an agenda that is making Bill Gates and every other billionaire so much richer, as the middle class is being wiped out completely?

I also think it would be worthwhile to just ask Fauci outright: how exactly did he become the authoritarian leader of America? Where did he get these powers? No one voted for him, so did the virus itself somehow imbue him with the right to make decisions about the lives of all Americans, based on these wacky theories and fake graphs that he’s come up with?

Lastly: he needs to explain if this will ever end, and if so, when?

Is it conceivable that he could ever say, “okay, so many people have died that we just have to stop this experiment and let people go back to their lives”?