Operation No Survivors: Get Five People to Vote for Glorious Leader on Tuesday!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2016


No survivors.

Brothers, I am calling on you for a mission.

A mission of utmost importance.

If you choose to accept it, you will have furthered the existence of your race, moved us one step closer to securing a future for White children.

This is the Plan

First, call off work on Tuesday. Say your sick, whatever. It doesn’t matter. They won’t fire you for doing it once.

There are three days to the election.

Each of you knows people.

Most are young enough they still have grandparents and old aunties and uncles. Some are old enough they have elderly parents and other relatives.

You all have people you know. People you went to high school with. Workmates. People who owe you favors.

You need to get them all to vote for Trump.

Go through your phone’s contacts list and your email contacts list. Find anyone who is not a total kiked-out liberal. Non-political people work fine. Call them up (better to call than email or text, but you can do these if for some reason you can’t call) – if they are neighbors, go knock on their doors – and ask them if they’re voting for Trump on Tuesday.

If they say no, ask them to do it. Tell them you will give them a ride. If they’re non-political, tell them to do it as a favor to you. Don’t try to explain the politics behind it. Just say that it’s very important to you, and it would mean a lot if they’d ride with you on Tuesday. If you meet with strong resistance, end the discussion and contact the next person.

If they say yes, ask them if they need a ride. If they need a ride, get them a ride.

The goal should be five votes for each Stormer. If you can get more than that, get more than that. Get all you can. Every person in your contacts list who you think there is any chance will do it, contact them this weekend and arrange a time to pick them up.

The Daily Stormer has about 100,000 devoted US readers. If each of you get five people to vote, that is half a million extra votes for Donald J. Trump.

If you don’t have a car, tell them you’ll meet them and ride the bus with them to the polling station, or if you have the money, call a taxi.

You can also use your local Stormer Book Club to arrange rides.

This is It, People

This is the last chance.

We will not get another shot at this.

It is do or die.

If we lose on Tuesday, we are looking down the barrel of World War Three and a race war that could last decades.

If you do nothing else in your life for this cause, do this.

We are so close to ushering in the dawn of a new age.

In these final 72 hours, we need to up our game to maximum levels.

Everything is riding on this.

You have a duty.

And I am calling you to it.

Your children’s children’s children will sing songs and light candles in your name.


Hail Victory.