Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch – A National Action Soldier has Been Jailed for Calling a Jew a Jew, and We Must Resist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2014

Dear Luciana Berger: Only bullets can stop us, Jew.
Dear Luciana Berger: Only bullets can stop us, Jew.

A member of British National Socialist group National Action, 21-year-old Garron Helm, has been jailed for four weeks for speechcrime against a gross Jewess, Liverpool Labour MP Luciana Berger.

Helm did not call for violence, he did not threaten the Jew bitch. Posting from his Æthelwulf Twitter account, he simply called her a “communist Jewess” and stated the known fact that Hitler was right. He also posted a picture of the Jewess with a yellow star on her forehead.

The UK government is claiming that the people have no right to label a Jew a Jew, and this must be resisted through direct action.

Your believes, gojim.  Now to making them illegal.
Your believes, gojim. Now to making them illegal.


Clearly, this represents an attempt by the ZOG government of the UK to shut down National Action, and all criticism of Jews in general.

If we don’t resist, we are doomed.

I hereby ask God Almighty that if any single member of National Action quits the organization over this arrest that his ancestors bring down a curse upon his head, the heads of his children and his children’s children.

Damn straight.
Damn straight.

We cannot be intimidated by these filthy rats. If we succomb to intimidation now, we are already doomed. This is a life and death battle, and no man who is unwilling to give his freedom or his life or both is worthy of this fight.

The Jewess Berger said the sentence “sent out a clear message.”  The clear message being, of course, that you stupid goyim pigs have no right to ever call a Jew a Jew, let alone question their actions.

Well, we’ve got a message for her.

Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch

I declare a new operation against the filthy communist Jewess, which will be known as Operation: Filthy Jew Bitch.

This is the boldest attack on our basic freedoms that I have seen thus far, in any country. The government of the Jewnited Kingdom is attempting to set a precedent where it will be illegal to call a Jew a Jew, and this must be resisted with direct action.

Here’s the deal.

Go to Twitter.com.

Make a Twitter account.  If you need a throwaway email to register, use GMX and just enter fake information, get the confirmation code.

Tweet at this communist Jew bitch.

Push this button.  Send a message.
Push this button.
Type message and attach photo
Type message and attach photo
Tweet achieved.
Tweet achieved.

Here is her Twitter account.  You can also just add “@lucianaberger” to any Tweet, and she’ll see it, as will her followers.

Do Not:

Call for violence, threaten the Jew bitch in any way. Seriously, don’t do that.

Just to be crystal: Andrew Anglin nor the Daily Stormer support or endorse any form of violence against the sickening Jew Luciana Berger. We believe she should be either legally tried and imprisoned for purposefully undermining the British people and nation, or simply deported to Israel.


Call her a Jew, call her a Jew communist, call her a terrorist, call her a filthy Jew bitch. Call her a hook-nosed yid and a ratfaced kike. Tell her we do not want her in the UK, we do not want her or any other Jew anywhere in Europe. Tell her to go to Israel and call for her deportation to said Jew state.

Do it over, and over, and over and over again.

Tell her that “#HitlerWasRight,” and then tell her that six million more times.

Flood her with these images (or make some of your own).

#FreeGarronHelmMiliband and Berger JewsLuciana Berger ratlike jewLuciana Berger rat jewLuciana Berger Jewish ratLuciana Berger KikeIn ur base goyimLabour MP BergerYes Bitch Hitler Was Right#HitlerWasRight

Use these hashtags on every Tweet:


Making a Twitter account takes two minutes. You have no excuse for not doing this, Stormer.

We are all Garron Helm.

We will not bow to Jews. We will not be silenced by Jews. We will not allow Jews to destroy the nations that our ancestors spilled blood to build on this sacred land.

We will resist. And we will win.

Hail Victory.