Open Season on Faggots in Russia?

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2017

Being a homo in Russia is a dangerous proposition.

If homos are just like you and me, why is it that they’re “persecuted” everywhere all the time for no reason? Could it be that people are completely grossed out by their sick behavior?

Imagine that someone covered himself in foul substances and went around stinking up the place. Wouldn’t people be justified in shunning that person?

A liberal will say “well, that’s discrimination based on his behavior, which is different from hating people because of who they are.”

Well, that’s wrong. No one hates a man who feels attraction towards other males. What people are disgusted by is the “action” of sticking their penises up other men’s buttholes, the “action” of promoting boylove, and the “action” of marching in the street with feathers up their asses. The “feelings” of homosexuals are irrelevant – it’s their disgusting behavior that we have an issue with.

And as it turns out, when you outlaw homosexualist propaganda, the people’s natural disgust response reasserts itself quite quickly.


Hate crimes against LGBT people in Russia have doubled since the country instituted a law banning “gay propaganda,” researchers told Reuters on Tuesday.

It’s a grave crime not to allow homos to express themselves like this, in public, constantly.

Isn’t it telling that as soon as you forbid homos from brainwashing people non-stop, everyone starts to hate them again, immediately?

Gays are a lot like Jews in that way. They both require a massive propaganda effort just to get people not to hate them.

The banning resulted in an increase of sentences for crimes against LGBT people from 18 in 2010 to 65 in 2015, according to St. Petersburg-based researchers who pulled their data from court records and the judicial watchdog RosPravosudie. Out of the 250 hate crimes analyzed, murders accounted for almost 200 of them, according to the Center for Independent Research.

The surge is attributed to the 2013 ban on spreading “propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations.” Most victims were gay men.

Svetlana Zakharova, a board member with Russian LGBT Network, the country’s most prominent gay rights campaign group, saw the same trend over the past five years.

“(Offenders) have become more aggressive and less fearful,” Zakharova told Reuters. “It seems to them that, to some extent, the government supports their actions. Many perpetrators openly talk about their crimes as noble deeds.

“Noble deeds” lol.

Noble knights of gay bashing, or vile thugs? You decide!

Homosexuality is illegal in Russia, and researchers say the figures they’ve reported are much lower than the reality: hate crimes aren’t reported, investigated or prosecuted at the rate LGBT-rights groups say are necessary.

How is Newsweek considered a “legitimate” publication if they just print such obvious lies? A five second google search will show you that homosexuality isn’t “illegal” in Russia. All that’s illegal is to promote it in public or in the media. If gays are “born this way” why would they need to do propaganda, anyway? Do red-haired people need to promote red-haired-ness? No.

The “gay propaganda” ban has stopped gay pride marches, detained gay rights activists, and is seen as a move by President Vladmir Putin to draw closer to the Russian Orthodox Church, which has increased its power in the country.

The hostile relationship between Russia’s government and its LGBT people are nothing new. Over the summer, Russian journalists reported a crackdown against LGBT people in Chechnya. Putin has repeatedly refused to speak about it.

Seemingly nothing triggers the liberals more than the notion that maybe homos aren’t God-like beings who should be allowed to do whatever they want.

I guess homos are like the Trojan horse communists use to push through the rest of their depraved agenda, and they know that if that is blocked at the source, none of the other stuff is likely to be adopted either.

Good on Russia for firmly rejecting this filth.