Oops: iPhone X Users About to Get Their Faces Hacked by Vietnamese Pirates

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2017

tfw my face is getting hacked.

The entire world was enraged when Apple announced the new iPhones wouldn’t be getting any real new features, with some going so far as to declare they would riot and “burn this bitch down” over it. But then we learned that on top of that, they’d be getting rid of touch ID, would put a stupid tab on top of the screen and that the phone would cost a thousand dollars.


Needless to say, no one except iZombies are getting excited about this one.

But it seems Apple has packed in a feature they didn’t announce into their new flagship phone: new, innovative “face-hacking” technology.


Did Apple’s vaunted Face ID facial recognition system on the iPhone X already get hoodwinked?

That’s what a Vietnamese security company says it did — using only a $150 3D-printed mask. BKAV uploaded a video demonstration as a proof of concept on Friday, showing an iPhone X unlocking after exposing it to a customized mask, which only had cutouts of eyes, a silicon nose and a mouth on a 3D-printed frame.

Congratulations! Hacking your iPhone just went from costing over a million dollars to $150.

Ngo Tuan Anh, BKAV’s vice president of cybersecurity, then unlocked the Face ID using his own face, to show that it worked on his too. You can see it here.

Face ID is one of the signature features on Apple’s flagship iPhone X. While facial recognition isn’t new, Apple says it’s created the most secure version yet.

“One of the features?” What other ones are there? Animated emojis? Very slightly smaller bezels?

Get the fuck outta here.

The design even looks more dated than the average Chinese smartphone.



And yes, it has touch ID. And more ram than the iPhone. And a headphone Jack. And an SD card slot…

Even if you’re such a bugman that you buy a phone to catch people’s attention, which of these do you think people are more likely to ask you about and comment on?

Skeptics were quick to predict that someone would be able to fool Face ID after it was unveiled in September. Facial recognition has shown its pitfalls before, with hackers tricking security by putting a photo in front of the camera. Apple points out that it uses infrared sensors and mapping dots to scan for 3D images. The company even went as far as working with Hollywood mask makers to train the biometric against falling for props.

BKAV, which built a reputation on fooling facial recognition, quickly touted toppling Face ID, writing that Apple didn’t have enough “scientific and serious estimation before deciding to replace Touch ID with Face ID.”

It’s almost as if they intended to include touch ID putting it behind the glass front, but didn’t have time to figure out the engineering details and just said “fuck it, we’re shipping it anyway, we’ll call the lack of touch ID a feature.”

Oh wait, that’s exactly what happened.

So now the suckers who get tricked into buying the iPhone X will either have to go back to the 00’s and unlock their phone with a password, or just accept that anyone can hack their phone by printing out a $150 rubber mask.

Bravo, Apple. Putting that homo in charge was a great idea after all.