Oooops: Feminist Dog-Fondling Study was Actually Hoax to Expose Jew Science

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 3, 2018

Holy shit. This is epic.

Remember a few months back, we published an article discussing the release of a study where some feminist nutjob claimed to have fondled the genitals of 10,000 dogs in order to prove that gay dogs were oppressed or some shit.

Actually, go back and read that article – it was pretty funny.

We later reported that the author of that paper apparently had faked her PhD.

But as it turns out, the story doesn’t end there.

The paper was actually part of a big project meant to expose how insane these Jew academic papers are. In other words, it was purposely designed to be as ridiculous as possible, and yet it was still published without question.


Wall Street Journal:

The existence of a monthly journal focused on “feminist geography” is a sign of something gone awry in academia. The journal in question—Gender, Place & Culture—published a paper online in May whose author claimed to have spent a year observing canine sexual misconduct in Portland, Ore., parks.

We must fight dog rape culture, lol.

The author admits that “my own anthropocentric frame” makes it difficult to judge animal consent. Still, the paper claims dog parks are “petri dishes for canine ‘rape culture’ ” and issues “a call for awareness into the different ways dogs are treated on the basis of their gender and queering behaviors, and the chronic and perennial rape emergency dog parks pose to female dogs.”

I never suspected that this paper was a hoax, because I’ve grown to expect this level of insanity from the left.

And I’m right to expect it, because the actual publishing of the paper was entirely legitimate – the journal didn’t think this study seemed absurd at all.

The paper was ridiculous enough to pique my interest—and rouse my skepticism, which grew in July with a report in Campus Reform by Toni Airaksinen. Author Helen Wilson had claimed to have a doctorate in feminist studies, but “none of the institutions that offers such a degree could confirm that she had graduated from their program,” Ms. Airaksinen wrote. In August Gender, Place & Culture issued an “expression of concern” admitting it couldn’t verify Ms. Wilson’s identity, though it kept the paper on its website.

All of this prompted me to ask my own questions. My email to “Helen Wilson” was answered by James Lindsay, a math doctorate and one of the real co-authors of the dog-park study. Gender, Place & Culture had been duped, he admitted. So had half a dozen other prominent journals that accepted fake papers by Mr. Lindsay and his collaborators—Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State University, and Helen Pluckrose, a London-based scholar of English literature and history and editor of

The three academics call themselves “left-leaning liberals.” Yet they’re dismayed by what they describe as a “grievance studies” takeover of academia, especially its encroachment into the sciences. “I think that certain aspects of knowledge production in the United States have been corrupted,” Mr. Boghossian says. Anyone who questions research on identity, privilege and oppression risks accusations of bigotry.

You don’t say…

That it took these academics all this time to realize that the social sciences were “corrupted” just shows how disconnected from reality these people are.

Then again, calling yourself “left leaning liberals” even after witnessing this Jewed-out reality means they’re probably high on the shitlib koolaid themselves to a large extent.

That even these people are dumbfounded by the current state of academia is a testament to how bad things really are.

Beginning in August 2017, the trio wrote 20 hoax papers, submitting them to peer-reviewed journals under a variety of pseudonyms, as well as the name of their friend Richard Baldwin, a professor emeritus at Florida’s Gulf Coast State College. Mr. Baldwin confirms he gave them permission use his name. Journals accepted seven hoax papers. Four have been published.

Mind blowing stupidity.

One of the trio’s hoax papers, published in April by the journal Fat Studies, claims bodybuilding is “fat-exclusionary” and proposes “a new classification . . . termed fat bodybuilding, as a fat-inclusive politicized performance.” Editor Esther Rothblum said the paper had gone through peer review, and the author signed a copyright form verifying authorship of the article. “This author put a lot of work into this topic,” she said. “It is an interesting topic, looking at weight and bodybuilding. So I am surprised that, of all things, they’d write this as a hoax. As you can imagine, this is a very serious charge.” She plans to remove the paper from the Fat Studies website.

A hoax paper for the Journal of Poetry Therapy describes monthly feminist spirituality meetings, complete with a “womb room,” and discusses six poems, which Mr. Lindsay generated by algorithm and lightly edited. Founding editor Nicholas Mazza said the article went through blind peer review and revisions before its acceptance in July, but he regrets not doing more to verify the author’s identity. He added that it took years to build credibility and get the Journal of Poetry Therapy listed in major scholarly databases. “You work so hard, and you get something like this,” he said. Still, “I can see how editors like me and journals can be duped.”

Affilia, a peer-reviewed journal of women and social work, formally accepted the trio’s hoax paper, “Our Struggle Is My Struggle: Solidarity Feminism as an Intersectional Reply to Neoliberal and Choice Feminism.” The second portion of the paper is a rewrite of a chapter from “Mein Kampf.” Affilia’s editors declined to comment.

Lol. “Jewish communists are the real Nazis.”

The trio say they’ve proved that higher ed’s fixation on identity politics enables “absurd and horrific” scholarship. Their submissions were outlandish—but no more so, they insist, than others written in earnest and published by these journals.

Yeah, and this isn’t the first time academic journals have been conned with hoax papers, too. Alan Sokal did something similar in the 90s. But back then, it was the ridiculous “post-modernists” that were mocked.

This is one of the first time the Jew “social justice” crowd is humiliated with such a monumental expose of their intellectually bankrupt “scholarship.”

Whenever leftists claim that “they have science on their side,” never forget that these kinds of clown papers are what they’re referring to. It’s all Jewish hoax “science.” Totally devoid of scientific merit, or even intellectual rigor – the only criteria for acceptance is that the “research” is damaging to White civilization.