Only Friend in the World: Putin Refuses to Congratulate Biden Until the Legal Process is Finished


The traitorous Jews won’t stand by Real President Trump, despite the fact that Trump was unnecessarily friendly to their sickening rats’ nest of a country.

Bibi Netanyahu, the alleged “King of the Jews,” called up and congratulated his greatest ally Joe Biden, despite the fact that there is no evidence that Biden won the election.

Other nations have done the same.

Thankfully, Donald Trump does have at least one friend in the world.


Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t congratulate Joe Biden on winning the US presidential election until the results are official, the Kremlin said on Monday, citing the possibility of court challenges.

Unlike many other world leaders, Putin has remained silent since the US media called the election in the Democratic candidate’s favor and said Biden had achieved the necessary 270 Electoral College votes to clinch victory over the incumbent president, Donald Trump.

“Anticipating your possible question about Putin’s congratulations to the US president-elect, I want to say the following: we consider it proper to wait for the official results,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

In 2016, when Trump was elected, the Kremlin congratulated the New York-born businessman almost immediately after the result became clear. According to Putin’s spokesman, the circumstances are more complicated this time around. Four years ago, losing candidate Hillary Clinton conceded defeat, whereas Trump hasn’t so far made such a move.

“The difference is quite obvious,” Peskov explained. “The current president has announced certain legal procedures. This is what makes the situation different. Therefore, we believe it’s right to wait for the official results of the elections to be announced.”

Real President Trump has often defended Putin, a White Christian leader, from the attacks on him by American Jews (frankly, most of these Jews are originally from Russia). Real President has also refused to go to war with Russia, despite the endless screeching of the disgusting Jesus-killing rats. Putin is repaying the favor by standing by his side.

However, it is more than that: Putin has a vested interest in Donald Trump remaining in office.

The usurper Joe Biden is of course planning a full communist domestic policy – following the lead of the aging communistic wetback Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – but his foreign policy is going to follow that of the neocons. He has allegedly been meeting with Dick Cheney.

The neocon Jews are going along with their kinsmen, going absolutely nuts with joy over Biden’s election.

The Heritage Foundation is doing a victory lap, hailing the new dawn of more endless wars.

Russia is going to be right in the crosshairs of the Biden Administration, if such a thing is ever allowed to exist.

Ironically, after all of this talk about how Biden is controlled by China, he is also much more likely to start a war with that country than Trump ever was.

But Russia will be the first target. The Biden Administration will escalate tensions in order to justify all kinds of things, including fear-mongering at home.

Basically: Biden’s people are planning to do every imaginable bad thing to this country.

Thankfully, it looks like the claim that Putin is resigning was a vicious rumor.

If Trump chooses to declare martial law and things get out of control, he can easily call in Russian peacekeepers. I said that before, only half jokingly, and someone asked if it was a joke. No, it is a half joke. But only half.

America was a declining nation, and with this election hoax, is now in freefall collapse. It is actually very normal for countries in this state to bring in foreign peacekeepers to deal with domestic unrest.