Only 6% of “Coronavirus” Cases Have Been Recorded Worldwide, According to German Scientists

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If the actual number of people infected with coronavirus is significantly higher than the official numbers say, that means that most cases are not dangerous enough for people to seek medical attention and consequently, the death rate of the disease is even lower.

Corpses are not being piled up on the streets.

Daily Mail:

Tens of millions of people could have already caught the coronavirus, according to German scientists studying the pandemic.

Two researchers from Göttingen University claimed countries have only spotted six per cent of all COVID-19 cases, on average.

But the team also claimed that the rate was even lower in the UK, at just 1.2 per cent – suggesting the true size of the outbreak was up to 5million.

Rates – which the researchers said were true up to March 31 – were also staggeringly low in Italy (3.5 per cent), Spain (1.7 per cent) and the US (1.6 per cent).

Because of the huge disparity, they described the official tallies trotted out by health ministers across the world each day as ‘rather meaningless’.

Official statistics show around 1.5million people worldwide have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Based on the researchers’ claim, this would suggest the true size of the pandemic is now in the region of 26million – if nothing has changed in the past week.

Professor Sebastian Vollmer and Dr Christian Bommer, whose findings have not been scrutinised by other scientists under a peer-review process, used data from a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

The pair estimated that Germany has detected around 15.6 per cent of all cases.

Professor Vollmer said: ‘These results mean governments and policy-makers need to exercise extreme caution when interpreting case numbers for planning purposes.’

He added that ‘such extreme differences in testing’ mean official case records are ‘largely uninformative and do not provide helpful information’.

Dr Bommer added: ‘Major improvements in the ability of countries to detect new infections and contain the virus are urgently needed.’

The pair added that putting an end to current lockdowns across Europe ‘requires a strong reduction in the transmission of new cases’.

And they called for ‘major improvements in the ability of countries to detect new infections’ to get a more accurate picture on the true crisis.

They wrote: ‘In absence of such measures, the virus might remain undetected again for an extended period of time and a new outbreak is likely just a matter of time.’

Who cares about new outbreaks? It’s literally just the flu.

The more people are estimated to be infected with it, the less intimidating the disease should be for anyone not under the hysteric panic spell.

They’re not going to find millions of people who died in their homes in silence because of coronavirus, but if lockdown and social distancing measures continue, they may find millions of people who committed suicide.

This is not the time to be afraid of viruses.

It’s the time to figure out how to fix the damage that being afraid has done.