Only 22% of Americans Say the Country is Headed in the Right Direction

Joe Biden has taken on a kind of “Sad Ben Affleck” energy as he struggles to understand the world.

I’ve been really pushing the idea that the people running this current government are completely incompetent.

But I will tell you this: there is no way that they would allow the amount of discontent we’re seeing now to fester if they weren’t planning to mitigate it somehow.


Bad poll numbers continue to plague President Joe Biden as the latest survey shows a majority, including almost half of Democrats, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction.

The NBC News poll, released Sunday and conducted among 1,000 adults in the US, represents only the latest disappointing poll numbers for Biden. His approval has been steadily slipping in most surveys, including those conducted by NBC, with the latest job approval rating standing at 42%, a dip from 49% in August and 53% in April.

More than half of respondents said they disapprove of Biden’s job performance, which is an increase of 6% since August.

Seven in 10 respondents said they believe the country is also headed in the wrong direction under the Biden administration. Broken down by party, 93% of Republicans say the country is going in the wrong direction, while 70% of Independents agree. While Biden’s polling is typically much better among Democrats, even 48% of their supporters said things are not headed in the right direction.

Only 22% said the country is actually headed in the right direction, according to the polling data.

Respondents were more split on which political party should control Congress after the 2022 midterms (47% for Democrats, 45% for Republicans), and over half of those surveyed believe the US’ best years are already behind it.

During a brief moment of coherence on Sunday, Biden actually did a good job of delivering his talking points on the issue of the polls.

But it doesn’t matter how good the talking points are, or how well he delivers them, because this is not a place where well-delivered talking points can change reality.

More than 22% of the population of America is not white. It’s probably around 44%, frankly. So here you’re talking about 100% of white people, more or less, plus a lot of nonwhites.

Maybe that 22% is just all trannies?

There are a lot of things that the Bidens could do to stem this, and instead they seem to be purposefully increasing it – or at the very least, not even thinking about it at all.

Do you know what I think?

I think this winter we’re headed into an Australia-style Covid lockdown. That is a system where it literally means nothing what anyone thinks, because people are locked in their houses, and there is no possibility of any kind of recourse.

What’s more, when you’re locked in your house, they can just lie to you about what is happening. You’re not allowed to disagree with the Democrat Party on social media now, really at all, so there is no way to know that the media is lying to you if you can’t talk to other people.

I’ve warned you exactly six million times, but let’s go ahead and make it six million and one: you do not want to be in an American city this winter. I promise you, if you end up in that situation, you are going to regret it.