Only 14% of Russians Have Been Vaxxed

No one can explain why the Russian government is going along with the ridiculous flu hoax.

But the people of Russia are going along with it a lot less than the American people, and a whole lot less than Europeans.

The Week:

There are three widely available COVID-19 vaccines in Russia, but many Russians say they won’t get a shot because they don’t trust something made in their country.

Russia announced last August that it had its first vaccine, called Sputnik V, and President Vladimir Putin’s daughter had been inoculated with it. Researchers have found that Sputnik V, which is also being used in Brazil and Turkey, is about 91 percent effective. Even with multiple vaccination options, only 14 percent of Russia’s 146 million residents have been vaccinated with at least one dose of a vaccine, and the government will not hit its goal of getting 30 million Russians vaccinated by June.

Samyr Oynushev, 29, of Moscow told NBC News he believes COVID-19 vaccines are necessary, but will not get one made in Russia. “If I had a choice, I would rather take a non-Russian vaccine,” he said. “I think that [low vaccination rates] are primarily the fault of the government, that people don’t trust them so much.”

There have been giveaways of cars and groceries to entice people into getting vaccinated, and in Moscow, bars and restaurants have been ordered to serve only people who have proof of vaccination or antibodies. Across Russia, the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths are going up — 619 people died on Saturday, the highest number since Dec. 24, and in Moscow, the highly contagious Delta variant is linked to 90 percent of coronavirus cases reported last week.

People are not avoiding the vaxx because it’s made in Russia. Russians can easily request one of the more deadly vaccines from America and Europe. Russians are getting less vaxxed because they are generally less domesticated and docile than Westerners.

No one knows what the Russian vaccine is – is it a placebo? Is it a deadly sterilization agent foisted on the country by the Jews? No one knows.

The Russian vaxx appears to have a lot less deaths and strange effects, but we don’t know what is going on with any of this. If it wasn’t harmful, why would the Western media be saying it is effective?

It’s good if a high number of Russians survive the culling. They have an abundance of thin and attractive women, many of which they will probably trade for booze and weapons in the apocalyptic landscape that is coming.

The number one thing everyone needs to be thinking about is how we are going to breed in the post vaxx, post collapse world.

Russians will probably also be really good at the apocalypse, as evidenced by the fact that every good post-apocalyptic video game of the last 20 years (except New Vegas and Wasteland 2 & 3) has been made by Russians.