One of the Good Indians Makes a 2022 Prediction I Like


The rulers of the world aren’t simply going to hand over control of the world.

Though they are all very old and getting increasingly confused. I’m not joking, I 100% believe that. People who are still viewing the elite and the Jews as some omnipotent Illuminati group need to readjust their understandings.

Business Insider:

Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitya has boldly predicted that Visa and Mastercard, two of the biggest payment processors, will be overthrown by emerging blockchain and DeFi projects in 2022.

“My biggest business loser for 2022 is Visa and MasterCard and traditional payment rails and the entire ecosystem around it,” he said in an episode of the “All-In Podcast” released Wednesday.

To him, the long-standing payment systems used all over the world are a “completely contrived duopoly that doesn’t need to exist.”

Palihapitya, a former Facebook executive who runs the venture capital fund Social Capital, shared what he thinks will be the “most profitable spread trade” of his lifetime in the coming year.

“Be short these companies and anybody that basically lives off of this 2 or 3% (transaction) tax, and be long well-thought-out, Web3 crypto projects that are rebuilding payments infrastructure in a completely decentralized way,” he said.

Without being specific, he predicted at the same time that “a lot of these scammy crypto projects will go to zero.”

Nigga, scammy crypto projects go to zero as quick as they go to whatever. That’s the game, nigga. It’s the game you play when you ain’t got shit but a laptop and a website that’s banned from everything and an audience that won’t send you Monero (even on Christmas 😞).

I hope he’s not referring to Cardano as a scammy crypto.

Ethereum is a scammy crypto. If people weren’t retarded, I would short it. These people can rot. This coin has no purpose.

Cardano has a purpose. Oh yes.

Oh, yes.

I will admit that I went all in on Cardano and sold my Solana and lost… a whole lot of money. However, I’m not selling, so… has anything actually been lost? Actually it has been, because I would have sold that Solana after it popped and then… bought more Cardano. But I’m not selling any Cardano.

Seriously though – as always, Saylor is right.

Bitcoin is all there is and everything else is a shitcoin, only to used by insane, desperate men to prevent crippling poverty by being guided by angels.

I think noble Pajeet is probably just talking about this weird shit going on where SHIB is now uh…

The 14th biggest market cap. Almost twenty billion.

This thing Elon did with his gay dog is so sickening. Then a gay dog starts getting gay with his gay dog and Elon just starts winking and tussling his immaculate fake hair.

CRO also appears to be a Ponzi scheme.

The point is: crypto wins. Banks lose. We’re all going to be rich and we’re going to use the money to buy deadly weapons, Toyota trucks, and crates of 5-Hour Energy.

It’s going to be exactly what you thought it was going to be like.

We all knew what was inevitable since we were kids, we just couldn’t admit it until now.

Can I play just one more faggot 00s indie rock song? Come one guys. It’s the end of the decade. One more faggot indie rock song, for the 2010s.

In just a few hours, we enter the 2020s, and I’m sure the music will be much better.