One of the Best Times to Rape a Woman is After She Falls Down a Flight of Stairs

Diversity is our…

You know the thing.

I’m tired now.

The Independent:

A man has been convicted of the kidnap and sexual assault of a seriously injured young woman in London, Metropolitan Police has confirmed.

Sharif Abbas, 30, was found guilty of kidnap and sexual assault on Monday 20 December at Southwark Crown Court. The attack took place in the summer of 2019.

On Sunday 16 June 2019, a 19-year-old woman was walking from one platform to another in Bond Street tube station when she fell down a set of stairs.

She suffered a head injury and a broken wrist, and walked to a platform where she sat down whilst bleeding profusely. Her head injury is said to have left her skull exposed.

Sharif Abbas approached her and offered to help, leading her out of the station. He put on a ‘high vis’ vest and scouted an empty basement in a nearby building, to which he took her under the guise of needing to examine her injuries.

Instead, Mr Abbas sexually assaulted her.

Mr Abbas triggered a silent alarm upon entry to the building, which alerted police officers who arrived on the scene to investigate. They found Mr Abbas with the young woman under a covered walkway which was not visible to anyone passing by at street level.

Officers found Mr Abbas standing behind the victim with his hands under her clothing and the fly of his jeans undone. He was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and taken to a police station in north London.

The injured woman was taken to a hospital in west London by London Ambulance Service (LAS). She underwent surgery for her broken wrist, and received treatment for her head injury. She has since made a full recovery from those injuries.

Mr Abbas told officers in a police interview that it did not occur to him to press the emergency button on the platform, nor the three further emergency buttons he walked past when he led the victim out of the station.

He also claimed that he tried to call for an ambulance in the tube station but could not get a phone signal, and that the victim had asked him to not call for an ambulance.

However, no 999 call was made in the 45 minutes that they were together. He also did not administer any first aid.

After Mr Abbas claimed he had spoken to a man who was supposed to provide bandages and first aid, officers viewed the CCTV at the building which showed no other person had come into contact with Abbas and the victim.

If it wasn’t for cameras and technology, the court probably would have believed all those stories and concluded that he was just administering first aid to her vagina with his penis.

I’d be lying if I said I cared this woman got raped. I really, really don’t.

But why is this our society?

Why can’t I live in a society where there is no one to rape the woman who just fell down the stairs, and in a society where if that somehow does happen, I actually care that it happened?

Why do we have to have Jews?

Every time I see Christmas decorations this year, I think of Santa Inc, and I become enraged that Adolf Hitler didn’t actually exterminate these monsters.