One of Several Nogs Involved in Murder of White Man Going to Prison

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2018

Cortez Mitchell.

Someone should do the math on how much money we are spending monthly to keep all these criminal nogs alive in prison.

It would be infinitely cheaper just to deport them, whatever that number is.


Cortez Mitchell, 19, was sentenced to two life sentences and four 20-year sentences for his role in a 2015 crime spree that included the murders of Antonio Hernandez Lopez and Joshua Davis. The life sentences will run consecutively, according to the Morgan County District Attorney’s office.

Mitchell, Cedric Cowan, Joseph Cowan and Amani Goodwin were arrested for the murders of Lopez in the carport of his Decatur home and Davis at Wilson Morgan Park in May of 2015.

Police said the four confessed to a string of robberies and said some of them said they committed the crimes for fun. They were caught after one of them took a picture of himself with a cell phone stolen during one of the robberies, according to police.

Joshua Davis.