One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Cartoonist

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2016


What is terrorism? Well if you’ve time you can read the staunch anti-Zionist and Lebanese diplomat Abir Taha’s succinct little book:

‘Defining Terrorism: The End of Double Standards’

If you haven’t, then let me give you a couple of quick pointers.

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? When he’s a Jew.

When is a cartoonist not a cartoonist? When he’s exposing the Jewish Agenda … and then he is … a terrorist.

There have been a series of Terrorism Acts passed by the British Government since the year 2000, the last major one being in 2008, but continuous updates and amendments ever since, each one becoming more encompassing. Each one giving the authorities more and more leeway to do whatever they want to do. For instance originally ‘the powers that be’ could pick you up off the street and hold you for 14 days without needing to charge you, and without you being able to notify friends and relatives. You just disappear into a black hole for 14 days. It was then increased to 28 days. Ok, you may say, surely ok if it is used against vicious violent terrorists planning largescale murder and mayhem? But, couldn’t it just, possibly, perhaps, as easily, be used against anyone ‘the powers that be’ do not like? No! Not if we had a decent government that genuinely represented the interests of the British people and genuinely cared for the British people you reply!? Only problem is, we don’t and it is.

We have a Jewish Supremacist controlled tyranny. And it is getting more tyrannical.

Hardly a week goes by without some jolly revellers being thrown into prison for a year for attaching bacon to the doors of a mosque or a synagogue – can’t a fellow have any fun anymore?

A year in prison for tieing bacon to the doors of a mosque

As for the Terrorism Act it is as predicted being used willy nilly to silence dissent. It began its career with being used to eject an anti-war heckler opposing wars on behalf of Israel at The Labour Party conference, and is now being used against all kinds of demonstrators, protestors, political organisers and… well just about anyone who dares to oppose the Jewish Agenda.

Such is the situation in Britain today that if anyone goes missing or fails to return from a trip to the shops or the pub, then the joke is ‘’Perhaps he’s being held under the Terrorism Act!’’.

It was recently used against Paul Pitt – the organiser of the highly successful ‘’No More Refugees’’ marches in Dover, Kent – a major port, the site of the channel tunnel and a major entrance point into England for thousands of illegal immigrants every year. Paul Pitt is merely an organiser of lawful marches. Marches that are repeatedly attacked by hordes of balaclava clad, heavily armed Jewish Antifa and other assorted Communists. And yet it is not these attackers who are arrested, it is Paul Pitt and when he was recently dragged out of his house and pinned down in the middle of the street, and gawping neighbours asked what on earth was going on, they were told “He’s being arrested under the Terrorism Act!” The neighbours weren’t convinced ‘’But that can’t be right, he ain’t a Muslim!’’ No prizes for guessing correctly that the same Act is not used against the Jews who attacked the ‘’No More Refugees’’ marches.

And now we are really descending into even greater farce.

Joshua Bonehill recently appeared via video-link at Westminster Magistrates Court to be told he would be facing trial for 5 articles containing graphics and cartoons written in 2014/2015. This included the almost prophetic, (in light of current events in the Labour Party and the manufactured anti-semitic scandal surrounding its embattled leader Jeremy Corbyn), ‘Is the Labour Party a Jewish Party’. What’s more, he would be tried at The Old Bailey, (the highest court in the land), and he would be tried for ‘terrorism’. Terrorism? Yes, terrorism. The Terrorism Act apparently allows them to get around the awkward fact that Joshua’s articles have long been in the public sphere and therefore according to due process he should have been charged with them at his original trial back at the end of 2015. The Terrorism Acts allows them, in the learned legalise of my anonymous legal friend ‘’to do whatever the hell they like!’’

And, it gets even more bizarre, what piece of evidence was announced as proof for Joshua’s willingness to engage in terrorism?? I kid you not, it was a cartoon of Luciana Berger MP being bent over the knee of Ed Milliband MP (leader of the Labour Party 2010 – 2015) with the caption ‘’Spank the Berger’’. (Jew on Jew). There were guffaws and sniggers from the public gallery at this, the Judge stared into space, and the court officials intensely examined their own shoes. Sometimes the Jews really do make it difficult for their goy servants to earn their daily bread.


MP Luciana Berger

Bonehill smiled on the video link and responded with ‘’Terrorism? Terrorism? You lot are guilty of terrorism, you’re terrorizing me and the British people’’.

On Tuesday 19th July at The Old Bailey in front of ‘A Terror Judge’ Joshua again appeared via video link, and three supporters gathered in the public gallery to listen as the preliminaries were sorted out for the upcoming ‘terror trial’ in December. He was upbeat and in good spirits, but he told the court that due to the complexity of the charges against him he has decided to take legal counsel, however (and here a glint of humour in his eye and a metaphorical nod to fellow free speech hero Garron Helm), he intended to be at ‘the helm’ of his own defence. The trial proper is now set for December.


Joshua Bonehill

It is now clear to all who can see that ‘terrorist’ is merely the latest epithet being used to cow opposition to the Jewish Agenda. There are signs that the usual name calling – fascist, nazi, racist, sexist, homophobe and anti-semite – is beginning to lose its bite through over use. And where these words are not enough to snap the public into line, not enough anymore to scare them off from asking pertinent questions about the fate of those who dare to express sensible views on human society and the way it is going, then perhaps the expletive ‘Terrorist !’ will do the trick.

On the other side of the fence, Britain’s new Prime Minister Terrorist May, sorry, Theresa May in a speech at Finchley United Synagogue, April 2015, publically praised Zionist Terrorists who murdered just under 1,000 British servicemen, policemen and crown servants between 1939 and 1948. A case of glorifying terrorism is it not? Any chance of her being charged with glorifying terrorism? Hell will frieze over first.

One of those same Zionist Terrorists is alive and well today, teaching at The Sorbonne, the elite University in Paris and still openly boasting of his killing of British soldiers. I quote from Professor David Cesarani’s 2009 book Major Farran’s Hat: Murder, Scandal & Britain’s War Against Jewish Terrorism 1945-1948.

Professor David Cesarani

Professor David Cesarani

In this the Jewish professor — a specialist on ‘Holocaust Studies’ — discussed the bombing of the British Colonies Club in Trafalgar Square and declares:

The bomb was planted by Robert Misrahi, the son of Turkish Jews who had moved to Paris in the 1930s. Misrahi was a student at the Sorbonne where he was a protégé of Jean-Paul Sartre. Some time in 1946 or early 1947 he befriended a delegation visiting from British universities and was, in turn, invited to Britain. This was the chance Eliav was waiting for. He equipped Misrahi with a ‘coat bomb’ that he was able to carry with him across the Channel and all the way to London… (pp 85-6)

Misrahi and his backers have the funds to sue Cesarani and his publishers into the ground if there was no evidence to substantiate that assertion. But Misrahi and his Zionist friends kept quiet. This Cesarani quote is vital. If a pro-Israel Jewish Holocaust expert can say Misrahi is a terrorist bomber, then so can we.

I further quote an article by in full by Peter Rushton, (a frequent commentator on Russia Today and Press TV), from the website of The Forgotten British Heroes Campaign, an organisation set up to honour forgotten British heroes, but particularly those Britons who were slaughtered at the hands of Zionist Terrorists both in Palestine, Britain and elsewhere, it what is known collectively as ‘The Palestine Campaign’. These are heroes, let it not be forgotten, who have no wreath laid on their behalf at the annual Remembrance Day Ceremony in Whitehall and are not commemorated on any war memorial whether for WWII, or for campaigns post -WWII.

Time for Justice!

French Professor is Wanted Terrorist

Late one bitter cold evening In March 1947 young French philosophy student Robert Misrahi slipped away from a servicemen’s social club just off Trafalgar Square. Minutes later the British Colonies Club was wrecked by a massive explosion, causing many injuries but miraculously no deaths. Misrahi had left his overcoat at the club, its shoulders packed with gelignite.

This Trafalgar Square outrage was no one-off. Misrahi was part of a Jewish terrorist network responsible for a brutal campaign against British and Arab targets during the 1940s. Its most famous murders included the shooting of British cabinet minister Lord Moyne in Cairo in 1944; the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946; and the letter bomb that killed young Englishman Rex Farran at his family home in the Midlands in 1948.

While some of the history of this period is at last being addressed, much remains mysterious: no-one has been convicted for the bombings on British soil, and the extent of the network behind the crimes has yet to be established. Did Israel’s founding Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion orchestrate many of the terrorist crimes? What were the financial links in the chain enabling the purchase of arms and the international travels of gunmen and bombers? And perhaps most seriously, did the terrorists have allies inside the British political establishment, who (not for the first or last time) betrayed their own troops and had an ultimate allegiance to Britain’s enemies?

Truth and justice can be served very simply in this case: the London bomber Robert Misrahi is alive and well, living in Paris where he spent most of the post-war years as an academic and is now Emeritus Professor of Ethical Philosophy at the Sorbonne. Having never uttered one word of apology or regret for his crimes, Misrahi has remained a militant Zionist throughout his life, defending each stage of Israeli aggression.

MI5, Special Branch and Home Office documents released during the last few years reveal that the British authorities had built up a dossier of evidence against Misrahi. They discovered that he had brought explosives from France to London in the false bottom of a suitcase.

British authorities also knew that, although we had a few trusted informants among the French police and security forces, the Zionist terrorists had influential political friends in Paris who would obstruct any prosecution.

At the end of May 1947 Misrahi and several fellow members of his terrorist group – the Stern Gang (known to Jews as Lehi) – were arrested in a Paris police raid. They were caught red-handed with sub-machine guns, ammunition and bomb detonators. Yet when the case finally came to trial in February 1948 the terrorists escaped punishment. (By this stage the French government was itself secretly supplying Misrahi’s fellow Zionist gangsters in Palestine with arms.)

Today’s French government now has the chance to make amends for these shabby political deals with violent criminals. Here in Britain our own police and courts have the chance to settle an unsolved murder case and demonstrate that there will never be any hiding place for those who commit terrorist acts on British soil.

For Misrahi’s Trafalgar Square bomb was not the end of the story. One of his colleagues planted a bomb in the Colonial Office on Whitehall a few days later, which would have killed countless British civilians in the heart of London, but for a faulty timing mechanism.

There was no such lucky escape for Rex Farran, brother of British war hero Roy Farran. He was eviscerated by a parcel bomb, sent to his family’s Staffordshire home in 1948 by Misrahi’s colleagues in the Paris-based Stern Gang cell.

The cell’s leader Yaacov Eliav had planned what would have been the worst terrorist atrocity of all time soon after Misrahi’s arrest. He obtained active cultures of cholera bacteria from Jewish contacts at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. A water engineer was sent to London to scout the best method of introducing cholera into the city’s water supply. It was only following Zionist success in winning UN backing for their new state later in 1947, that this cholera plan was abandoned.

Today’s Britons – especially the families of Rex Farran and other British servicemen killed or wounded by Zionist terrorists – deserve truth and justice. Stern Gang bomber Robert Misrahi is alive and well, openly mocking British justice. It’s time to demand action from our new Prime Minister.

Well, I couldn’t put it much better than that. The Forgotten British Heroes Campaign have been pressuring the British authorities to extradite Professor Misrahi to Britain and to have him stand trial for terrorism at The Old Bailey. So far they have proved extremely reluctant to comply. They’d clearly much rather be prosecuting a 23 year old cartoonist.

Double standards, hypocrisy, injustice, farce and two kinds of ‘terrorist’. Such is the state in Britain today. And it won’t be put right until we put it right. Please show your support for the non-political Forgotten British Heroes Campaign by attending their wreath laying ceremony on Saturday 30th July at the site of the former Colonies Club, north east of Trafalgar Square, 3.30pm, smart dress and medals please. All patriots welcome.

Learn more about the event on the Forgotten British Heroes Facebook page!