On the Use of the Word “Nazi”

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2014

Cover page of "Der Nazi-Sozi" by Dr. Goebbels.
Cover page of “Der Nazi-Sozi” by Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

There are frequent complaints in the comment section about our occasional use of the word “Nazi” on Daily Stormer. The argument given is that this is a slur word, invented by International Jewry to insult and ridicule the NSDAP.  These claims appear to have been proposed by certain alleged revisionists for the purpose of sounding smart, having no factual basis.

This argument makes no sense, as the National Socialists sometimes used the word themselves. Joseph Goebbels even published a short book on National Socialist philosophy titled “The Nazi-Sozi” in 1926, 7 years before the NSDAP came to power.

I don't know how this could be any more clear. "Nazi" is simply an abbreviated for of the German word "Nationalsozialist."
I don’t know how this could be any more clear. “Nazi” is simply an abbreviated form of the German word “Nationalsozialist.”

That pretty much rules out it being a term made up to slander National Socialists. Whether it is now used by the Jews in an insulting manner, I don’t really know. I don’t really understand how it could be though. In fact, it would actually sound weird to say National Socialist over and over all the time, so it seems likely to me that it is just a term of convenience.  When they do use the term “National Socialist,” they are also insulting the historical party or modern-day supporters of the ideology, so the difference is unclear.

I sometimes refer to libertarianism as “libertardarianism,” because libertarianism is Jew-concocted nonsense that is conducive to White genocide, and those that adhere to it are generally obnoxious idiots. This is clearly meant as an attack, as it has the word “retard” intentionally built into it. There is nothing that could possibly be construed as insulting inside of the word “Nazi.” Of course, the Jews want everybody to believe that the Nazis are the worst thing to ever curse the face of the planet, but that is not built into the word itself, it’s built into the endless lies that are told about them.

I agree that the word shouldn’t be overused, but it depends on the context. An article about National Socialist policy probably shouldn’t use Nazi because it would sound ridiculous, and arguably disrespectful, to talk about “Nazi policy.” Conversely, if it is a light article, then saying “Nazi” is perfectly fine, and much more fun than saying “National Socialist.”

To use a random example, take this joke from a previous article of mine in the screenshot below:


A few questions here:

1. Should I have written “National Socialist accessories” instead?

2. Am I slandering the NSDAP, or am I mocking the Jews and their ridiculous lies?

And most importantly, even if the word is indeed intended to be an offensive, isn’t that all the more reason NOT to be offended by it? Why give our enemy the satisfaction?

In other words, if the word Nazi makes you upset, then the Jews win. Rule number one of radical politics: Never go on the defensive.

And don’t be so serious.

Nazis chug Jew tears.
What can be more relaxing than studying Nazi literature in the comfort of an Anne Frank Hololamp?
And never forget: chicks dig Nazis. The Jews hate it, but it's a fact.
And never forget: chicks dig Nazis. The Jews hate it, but it’s a fact.
And I dig Nazi chicks. Also a fact.