On the Rise and Fall of the Grift Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2019

The right-wing was for many years experiencing a crisis of grifterism, which is finally imploding.

Basically, during the period of 2015 to 2017, there were a bunch of people really excited about right-wing stuff. Donald Trump usually gets credit for this, but it’s really more to do with these two things:

  1. How bad Western countries have gotten with immigration and gay shit
  2. The ability of the (old, free) internet to allow an organic political movement to emerge

Donald Trump was more of an expression of this phenomenon. He was running for president without any thought that he was going to win, it was just a big joke, but at the same time this other stuff was going on so people were like “bro you might be joking but we’re not.”

So there was all of this real, organic energy floating around, and so a lot of people smelled money. Any time you’ve got anything going on, someone is going to smell money. So a whole wave of grifters moved in to exploit the genuine sentiment of the people.

These are people who don’t necessarily believe in the ideas. Maybe they do or don’t to whatever extent. But their core goal is to fleece people who believe in these things of their money.

Mike Cernovich was basically Grifter Prime.

This guy had jumped around in like 12 different political movements. He’d been in the pick-up artist movement, the steroid movement, the self-help movement and probably others. Then he started tweeting about Pizzagate and Donald Trump and hit the jackpot.

Rebel Media was Grift Base Alpha, where the Jew Ezra Levant churned out a series of grifters like it was an assembly line.

Gavin McInnes was from Rebel Media.

Lauren Southern was from Rebel Media.

Laura Loomer was from Rebel Media.

A literal grifter factory.

Then you had those who moved in from other areas into the emerging new right-wing movement to make more money.

Stefan Molyneux moved in from libertarianism.

Alex Jones moved in from the conspiracy movement (I like Alex but let’s be honest here, he’s an absolute grifter – the man sells penis pills).

He brought the sadistic homosexual Paul Joseph Watson along with him. (Watson, of course, ditched Jonesman as soon as he started getting banned.)

Then you had people who you don’t even know where the hell they came from, like Jack Posobiec.

And Charlie Kirk.

All of these people are con artists. Again, I don’t know to what degree they actually believe what they’re saying. Who knows. It doesn’t matter. Their main goal was to make money.

That might not even be a bad thing on the face of it. “Everyone gotta eat, nigga,” and so on. It’s just that their drive to make money above all else made them easily manipulated, so you ended up with all of this bad shit coming from them.

But they’re all disappearing now.

The rug has been pulled.

The amount of banning going on is sucking all of the money out.

Alex Jones is getting sued to death, not for saying Sandy Hook was fake, but for supporting Donald Trump and implicit white nationalism, as well as opposing immigrants and trannies and endless wars for Israel.

Gavin McInnes is probably going to be facing federal charges eventually.

The word is out that you simply cannot make money in this field.

This lack of money is putting pressure on the cockroaches, and they’re scattering.

I’m here actually working for the extermination of Jews, while these people are trying to “build a business.”

MILO, who is himself a grifter – even going so far as to con Jews into believing he was Jewish – recently released a long (six million words) article about how Lauren Southern’s gay employees ripped off everyone they ever met, including Ezra Levant, Alex Jones and Tommy Robinson.

Don’t read the article. Trying to read MILO without his ghostwriters is like trying to have sex with a Thai prostitute after she took off her makeup.

(If you want all the details, Matt Forney did a good 3 hour podcast on it.)

But basically, he cites a series of sources and says that these two faggots – Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn-John – were just ripping everyone off for all they were worth. They were also working with British Antifa group Hope Not Hate, and doing things like doxing Gavin McInnes’ flight schedule so protesters could attack him at the airport. They were doing this while working for Lauren Southern as cameramen and video editors. MILO and his sources claim that Southern knew about this and thought it was funny.

He describes an entire web where all of these people were all blackmailing each other, and no one could report anyone or go public with anything because they all had blackmail on each other. Of course, the reason it was reported to MILO – and by MILO for that matter – is that the money has all been sucked out and these grifters are eating each other alive.

Involving women and homosexuals in the first place was insane, and anyone should have seen that for what it was. But I doubt that any of the dirt that is going to come out on the rest of these people is going to be any better.

For instance, I think we can all assume that Stefan Molyneux, the perfect hyper-moral family man, was fucking Lauren Southern.

We don’t have evidence of that, but I mean – come on. What the hell else could have been going on there?

With the women, it is certainly more obvious, because women fundamentally don’t care about politics.

Some grift bitch on Twitter, Ashley St. Clair – a MAGA tweeter – just got exposed as having been a literal camwhore before hopping on the Trump Train to free money.

She had a sex laptop.

She loved big black cock.

She was even an anal queen.

So, I mean – I told people about this woman thing. Fucking absurd. A grown man getting his political ideas from a woman is like a PhD candidate hiring someone with Down syndrome to write his thesis.

Man or woman, however, these people are all very low morality.

Meaning they are all like women, even if they aren’t women. People who are obsessed with fame and money are not the type of people you can trust, nor are they the type of people you want involved with a political revolution.

They were a confusing distraction. A lot of people got really confused with a lot of bullshit about how this isn’t really about race, the Jews aren’t the real problem, and other such nonsense.

So at Least There’s an Upside to the Shut Down

With the bannings and the money gone, the only people left are the ride or die niggas.

It will take these people a little while longer to admit defeat and go away. But they’re finished. The money is gone.

There’s Daily Stormer and our lonely bitcoin address and a few other people keeping it real on the internet, as well as Tucker and Queen Ann keeping it real in the mainstream.

These fuck-around weirdos and women and faggots are out.

Every one of these cocksuckers refused to defend me when I was banned from the internet in 2017 – we could have all rallied around the First Amendment then – but now there’s going to be no one to speak for any of them.

The YouTube hammer is going to come down on Molyneux, Joseph Watson and all of the rest of the stragglers very soon.

So yes.

There is an upside to the total shutdown of everything.

I was so tired of all these weird, shifty people.