On the Necessity of Sovereign White Territory

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2015

Note: Please read this in its entirety and then think about it before forming an opinion.

This is an Indian reservation.
This is an Indian reservation.
This is a White "reservation."
This is a White “reservation.”

I wrote an article yesterday entitled “We are never going to get our countries back. We need to start talking about reservations.” A more accurate title would have been “It is going to take a long time to get our countries back. We need to start talking about a White Israel.”

I meant the use of the word “reservation” to be purposefully provocative. I think that by using this terminology publicly and politically, we can present the agenda in a way in which it cannot be argued with by any sane persons. That said, there is no reason to purposefully provoke my own readership. Except that I think it’s funny. But when there are dozens of people in the comments section claiming I must be a Jew shill over one post that upset them, I just feel sad.

Check your jimmies, bro – they lookin all rustled.


A lot of commenters characterized it as an Indian-style resignation to go drink ourselves to death in shacks in some barren wasteland. I don’t know why anyone would think I would suggest that, and I am offended. What I am in fact envisioning is high-tech modern Singapore-style cities built by White working people under the instruction of an elite intelligentsia of White visionaries who recognize that there is no future for civilization in the multiculture. Most of these people do recognize that, they just aren’t saying it.

The land itself isn’t nearly as relevant as it was even 50 years ago. Technology is developing at such a rate that a small amount of territory could be self-sustaining and comfortable for large numbers of people.

The basic point that I am trying to communicate is simply that we need our own sovereign territory, and we need it quickly. We need a place on earth where we can make our own decisions, and obtaining that needs to be the primary focus. I believe it is politically viable to frame this in terms of “reservations.” Maybe I’m wrong about that particular angle, maybe I’m not, but the basic concept I believe is entirely correct: a singular sovereign White power base would change the way the whole world works, and this is an actual goal which can be obtained. This does not mean a permanent surrender of all other territory. It merely means that we must establish fortresses wherein we can organize and figure out solutions to the global issue in the longer term.

In order to move forward, certain uncomfortable realities need to be accepted, because we are grown men, and denying reality in order to appease our emotions is the realm of children and women.

For instance: the reality is that the masses don’t and won’t care if they are overrun and destroyed by Blacks, Moslems and/or Mexicans. Rotherham proved, once and for all, that masses of people won’t stand up for anything that matters. And there isn’t any arguing with that. The vast majority of the White population are now casualties.

We can’t save those who won’t save themselves and we need to instead move forward.

Meanwhile, in Reality

There are three possible scenarios we should be looking at:

1.) A Political Solution

Scenario: We vote in politicians which support our interests, they deport non-Whites from our countries.

If this was possible, it would have happened already. At least, there would be signs of it coming. There are no such signs. American Republicans won’t even endorse an anti-immigration candidate, and UKIP only got 12% of the vote in the UK. After Rotherham.

2.) A Revolutionary Coup

Scenario: Militias form and fight the military for control of White countries

This is obviously impossible. This would need massive energy behind it which just does not exist. Condemning realistic solutions while dreaming the revolution is coming someday is childish and will result in extinction. It isn’t happening. Like the political revolution, if it was going to happen it would have happened already. It isn’t going to just magically happen for no logical reason, and there is no logical reason to believe there is going to be a logical reason before we’re in so deep there will be no way out.

3.) Race War and the Browning of Everything

Scenario: Race riots and civil unrest continue to escalate into an ongoing low-intensity conflict on the streets of every major Western city, Whites eventually capitulate to foreign hordes

This is already in the process of happening and it is going to continue to get worse. We are going to have weekly Moslem terror events, Whites will become increasingly unsafe in their own homes. White women will surrender completely, give themselves to these conquering forces, as we already see happening. The average overweight, feminized male will do nothing but lock himself in his room and play X-Box. The non-feminized males will quickly be singled out by either the government or the hordes themselves, which will increasingly become one and the same entity as all institutions of White countries are progressively taken over by brown people and women sympathetic to the brown people.

There is all sorts of fantasizing going on. No one wants to look at the reality of the situation we are in and come up with viable possibilities for a solution which does not result in extermination. If you say “I’ll stay where I am and die,” you are not being noble, you are betraying your own blood, your ancestors and the future of our people.

What Then?

Acknowledging that a race war in every Western city is inevitable is the first step in planning a long-term strategy. Fleeing to the country-side is only a short-term solution, because after the entire government is run by brown people, they will just come get you and take your women and everything else.

There is the need for the establishment of sovereignty – a geographic territory which serves as a center for a global White powerbase – before this happens.

A White Israel.

If we have this before total collapse, than any Whites who wish to maintain themselves when there is nowhere left to run will have somewhere to run. The place will be founded by the best of the Whites (those who get out early) and further populated by the second best of the Whites (those who finally decide to get out).

What I have tried to communicate is that this is something we can lobby for, politically, in the midst of this rising chaos. It is an idea that normal people can get behind, which powerful figures could support out of an understanding of the long term consequences of multiculturalism.

And the long term consequences of multiculturalism are a total failure of civilization itself. In a hundred years, the machines will have broken, cities will have been abandoned, these people will have returned to their natural state living in tribal bands. At best they will return to a medieval level. At this point, Whites will again claim whatever territory we need – most of the Northern areas will already be emptied out, as after Whites are removed from the equation these people won’t be able to keep the electric heat on.

We forget just how primitive these people naturally are. Their highest level of development was the Turkish empire, and the Turks who ran that were for the most part an Asian-White mixture, not the same thing as modern Turks who are largely bastardized with Arab blood. And Arabs were literally living in tents riding around on camels until very recently.

A robot army can be sent in to clean the place up, if that happens to be necessary. But by this time we will already be working on space colonization.

If Jew capitalism wasn't holding back the development of technology, we could put together a fully-functional robot army in less than a decade.
If Jew capitalism wasn’t holding back the development of technology, we could put together a fully-functional robot army in less than a decade.

Isn’t This Crazy?

This is not crazy. Everything else other than this is crazy.

We are heading into deep social and economic chaos, which can easily be exploited. Balkanization will come naturally, and intelligent Whites with money will come forward from the unlikeliest places and support a proposal for a White Israel. And as Brown people take over the systems, these systems become more and more impotent. There will be very little political will to argue with powerful Whites endorsing the idea.

Asians will also be making themselves more prominent in world matters as the West becomes increasingly ridiculous as top positions are given over to incompetent brown people and women, and they will have no reason not to endorse a resolution granting sovereign territory to Whites.

Asians have demonstrated none of the desire to see civilization collapse that has been demonstrated by Whites in Jew controlled countries.
Asians have demonstrated none of the desire to see civilization collapse that has been demonstrated by Whites in Jew controlled countries.

We need to recognize the level that we would currently be at if it were not for these people holding us back, and people seem to be failing to do that. If we had a hundred thousand Whites, no Jews or other non-Whites, just dropped anywhere on the planet, within a year we would be the most prosperous nation on earth and we would be fully employing existing technologies, inventing all types of new technologies, constructing an entirely new mode of human existence. This would happen automatically, simply because we were put in a place and left alone.

When we have sovereignty and the ability to make our own decisions we can reestablish natural hierarchy and restore honor as the driving force of men. We can easily create a new form of government and reformulate a new type of economy – a futurist National Socialism will emerge.

Jews are Making Themselves Less Relevant

In twenty years, the Jews will be a whole lot less relevant than they are now, through their own designs. They are purposefully turning the West into a gigantic third world ghetto, and these types of places are very difficult to control in the way they control the complex systems of Whites.

Just with Barack Obama as President – a Black man directly placed in power by the Jews – we have seen relations with Israel breaking down and goals of the Jew state going unaccomplished. This is also due to the loss of Jewish identity. Any biological Jew is going to cause chaos, but as they continue to lose their group identity their collective agenda becomes less clear to individual Jews. We see now Western liberal Jews opposing Israeli policy, and this is only going to get worse.

When Moslems take over Europe they certainly aren’t going to allow a bunch of Jews to dictate policy. Jews will serve the same role they currently serve in Moslem societies, which is as a sidelined and semi-symbiotic parasite serving specific functions. The Kalergi Plan of Jews ruling over a mixed-race mass-man in Europe doesn’t seem to have factored in that this whole new situation is Moslem in nature, and these people aren’t giving that up. It also assumed that you can use masses of brown people to do complicated things, which is obviously false.

Jews still possess a great desire to destroy things, but this will continue to become less and less possible to do efficiently, given that basically everything will already be destroyed, save for in Asia, where people know nothing and care nothing for Jews or their weird agenda.

As such, saying “the Jews will never allow us” to have our own sovereign territory is not a good reply to this plan. We will not need their permission. All we will need to do is maneuver around a confused mess over the period of the next fifteen to twenty years, which I more than believe we are capable of doing. We secure a reservation mandate (or whatever you wish to call it) and the rest is history. It will be marked as the day when the Galactic Empire became inevitable.

The Basic Plan

We need to organize and simplify this agenda for when it becomes politically viable. And that will happen sooner rather than later – Balkanization, the breakdown of all institutional systems including government due to competent White men being replaced by non-Whites and the ongoing social collapse will lead to a very confused and bizarre political landscape in America in particular but Europe as well.

I believe the “reservation” meme is helpful for our purpose. It is also accurate, despite connotations. Maybe it isn’t helpful. I don’t care how it is framed, and I am not the one deciding this, I am merely stating an idea which I believe is our only possible final solution.

I don’t care where it is located, because it doesn’t matter where it is located. Maybe the Northwest of the US makes sense. Maybe somewhere in Asia or South America. Maybe even Namibia. I would like to say Russia or some other existing White country will embrace this idea, but they probably will not. Even if they did, that wouldn’t be ideal, as we want something which is totally independent and new and backed up by White tech billionaires who have the intelligence and money to comprehend and support this endeavor.

In another five years, it is simply going to make sense for certain people in positions of influence to come out and say “I am White and I am concerned about White interests.” This is absolutely going to happen, because they have pushed the anti-White agenda so far nothing else can happen. In ten years, it will be considered viable to talk about doing something about it. What won’t happen is an ejection hundreds of millions of people from formerly White countries. But there will be leverage and the ability to force the system to allow us a small portion of land.

The key to all of this is the concept of White sovereignty. As long as we are tied to these existing nation-states, we are yoked, and we will be slaughtered like cattle.

I don’t have the details, I am throwing this out there for those who can dig it. If you can’t dig it, don’t worry about it. Anything that you want to do, you can do, and I will continue to support any and all constructive pro-White action and organization of all kinds because anything that brings us together is good.

For those saying that our goal has to be “reclaiming our lands” – go tell it to the Middle Ages. I don’t care about plots of land and I don’t even care about this planet itself. We won’t be here forever. Some day the sun will burn out, and we’ll have to go elsewhere.

What I care about is the divine mandate of the most spiritually evolved being in the universe, and I care about fulfilling this mandate by any means necessary.

We are Europa. Europa is wherever we are.

And the universe is our birthright.

Hail Victory.