On the Jutes and Their Lies

Greve Hans
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2016


Typical Danes

A while ago, Natt submitted an article to the Daily Stormer claiming Sweden to be a lunar and very submissive nation and Denmark being a heroic warrior caste country. This notion is objectively false.

First and foremost, Jutes, which Natt falsely equate with Dani and thus Scandinavian, are in fact not even genetically Scandinavian. They are genetically German (although that is disputed, more on that later), and every serious scientist has backed up this claim. Not a single drop of Scandinavian blood exists in the veins of the Jutes. Natt, being a Jute, is not even a Scandinavian and thus a German pretending to be one. You could even go so far as to claim that since Jutland isn’t even Scandinavian. The Prussians led by von Moltke (a honest non-Jutish ‘’Dane’’ that realized his true roots) they would have been entirely justified with taking the whole peninsula, leaving the Isles where the Dani lives to be reunified with Sweden, as the lower caste Swedes that they are.

Adolf Hitler, a famous pro-Scandinavian shares his wisdom

Second. The Danish nation, without a common racial makeup, is a social construct. For almost a thousand years, it has tried to justify it’s existence by usurping culture from others. The most notable example is their claim that ‘’God gave them their banner’’ after a battle they surprisingly won against a baltic tribe (that they outnumbered three to one). This legend is partly true, but it was created by the jutish bishop there in order to fake divine favor. Evola talked about this as being the worst sin that could possibly be committed in page 358 of ‘’Revolt against the modern world’’. Evola was also a famous Pro-Scandinavian (remember, Pro-Denmark is a codeword for Anti-Scandinavian).

The Swedish nation, whose roots can be traced since before the Ice Age, got their banner by Charlemagne as a reward for the Swedish knight Holger Svenske’s valor in his service to the king. The implications of this is obvious to all. Since Charlemagne was later crowned as the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, this gives Sweden the strongest claim to the Roman Empire among all the European nations still in existence. Something the Danes can not boast about.

The Jutish people, being southerners, did not have to live through the Ice Age in the cold north as we Swedes did. Just like the other German* tribes, the Jutes sat in their sun down south and ate their potatoes, their onions and their bread while the strong virile Swedes had to hunt mammoths to survive, giving us Scandinavians an evolutionary edge.

Another thing which many people have noticed is that the Jutish features are not those of the Swedes. Their foreheads are sloped, ever so slightly, their mouths are wide and big, their eyes are large and sleepy. It is claimed by some that the Jutes are in fact Jews, or descendants of Jews. This would explain several things. Their need to falsify history, their need to hate the Swedish people (which are direct descendants of the original Hyperborean Priest-Kings thus solar) and their great thrift.

Irrefutable proof that the National Socialists realized the Jutish problem

Irrefutable proof that the National Socialists realized the Jutish problem

For centuries the noble Swedes had tried to save their kin, the Dani tribe of the Isles from their Jutish oppressors to no avail.

Since the dissolution of the union between western and central Sweden 1905, the international Jute has started the ancient process of subversion that they have perfected on the Dani already.

Some may say that Sweden, being as submerged as it is now in filth couldn’t possibly be the race of the King-Priests of Hyperborea. Wrong. For decades, the Jutish problem has become worse and worse in Sweden. They own our banks, they own our newspapers (Jutish Bønnier family) and they buy our treasonous politicians. Many of the politicians are of Dani and Jutish descent themselves, thus either foreigners or low-caste Swedes. It is in fact not the Swedes that are doing this, it is a small international clique of Jutes.

Another sign that the Jute is indeed not to be trusted is the fact that when they get a chance to speak, they immediately try to make themselves out to be ‘’the chosen people’’. We can see this clearly in Natt’s article. He talks on and on about how the ‘’Danes’’ gave rise to western civilization and how they ‘’civilized’’ the Brits. It is clear to any student of history that the Brits were already a great and powerful people, who only fell prey to the Jute due to the very subversion the Jute is famous of.

Lastly, I’d like to share a quote by Joseph Goebbels (whose great, great grandfather was a Swedish clergyman):

‘’As socialists, we are opponents of the Jutes, because we see in this tribe the incarnation of capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods.’’

Scratch a Jute and you’ll find a Jew.