On the Issues: American Third Position vs. Total Fascism

Andrew Anglin
Total Fascism
January 27, 2013

A3P Presidential candidate Merlin Miller: We demand brutal extremism, so why does American Third Position insists on boredom mongering?
A3P Presidential candidate Merlin Miller: We demand brutal extremism, so why does American Third Position insist on feeble boredom mongering?

I have recently been investigating the American Third Position party, which cutely refers to itself as “A3P.” My investigation quickly turned up the fact that this is a weak and feeble bunch of limp-wristed crybabies. Though I have a policy of attempting to avoid alienating good folks as much as possible, there simply does not appear to be anything worth congratulating these people for. Though the history of the party as recorded by the Southern Poverty Law Center surely makes them sound quite hardcore, the reality seems to be that whatever their original purpose may have been, A3P has made a conscious decision to water-down their message, ostensibly for the purpose of making it more digestible to the general public. This, I will assert, has not made them more digestible, but simply boring and destined for irrelevance.

The thought which instantly runs through the head of any normal person perusing their website is “blah blah blah – who cares?” There is simply nothing radical or interesting about anything they say.

Kevin MacDonald: What are you thinking?
Kevin MacDonald: What are you thinking?

It is my contention that this technique of dumbing down and softening the message is the precise opposite of what we as a movement need to be focusing on. I believe our position needs to be one of brutal extremism. The reasoning behind this is that a human being is intrinsically drawn to extreme ideas. This was the entire appeal of communism, a doctrine which spread itself across half of the planet – it didn’t really matter that the communist belief system lacked any real logic or reason, the masses simply saw the power in the idea of radically restructuring society, and were helpless before it.

The situation we are suffering under in America is extreme in every conceivable way, and a normal individual knows, on an instinctive primal level, that the solution to these problems must be equally extreme, and it must be all-encompassing. These are not problems which can be chipped away at, they are problems which must be crushed completely by an overwhelming force, as if by the Hand of God.

If we present ourselves as brutally extreme, those who see us may not agree immediately with what we have to say, but surely they will be incapable of shying away from it. Through this initial, magnetic attraction, we will draw in and proceed to rally the masses, form from them a power, like a tidal wave, which will sweep across our nation and destroy the system of social, economic, political and spiritual suppression that the Jews have built up around us.

American Third Position vs. Total Fascism

Allow me to a briefly summarize the positions presented by A3P (the full explanations of their positions can be seen on their site, but because like everything else on their site, these explanations are exceedingly boring, a summary should do), followed by my own position on these issues. The slick graphics are borrowed from the A3P site.



A3P: Crime is bad and it should be stopped. The government should stop stopping police from stopping criminals. We will stop doing that.

Total Fascism: The level of crime in America amounts to a wartime situation, and thus wartime measures are needed to deal with it. The military will be deployed into high crime neighborhoods across the country. Violent criminals and drug dealers will be executed on first offense. Drug users will be given medical treatment, and then sentenced to a minimum of one year hard labor in a concentration camp.

The deportation of all immigrants and the establishment of a national homeland for Blacks will also assist in the complete elimination of street crime.


Democracy (James Madison Statue)

A3P: Bring back ye olde time America, we need extra political parties – James Madison said so.

Total Fascism: Both the concept of the multiple party system and that of parliamentary democracy are totally unworkable and must be abolished.

Multiple competing political parties have proven to be a divisive concept which leads to confusion among the masses, and allows for Jews and capitalist interests to dictate public policy, manipulating public opinion through the controlled media apparatus.

Parliamentary democracy ensures that no one is ever responsible for anything, as blame can be passed around in an endless game of musical chairs. Decisive action is always impossible, due to the impossibility of consensus building among hundreds of individuals. The career politicians involved in this system are almost always corrupt, desiring only to serve the private interests which support their decadent lifestyles, and even if this is not the case, they are in no way experts on the issues they make decisions about.

Though a government of the people absolutely should have widespread popular support from the masses, a multiple party system in no way assists in achieving this goal. Instead, a one party system, in which all members of society work together to build consensus, can ever hope to bring a nation together to function as a singular body.

We will close down congress and replace it with single-party centralized authoritarian leadership. Leaders will no longer be limited by term, as this has proven to be little more than a means to allow responsibility for all actions to be avoided, changing the face of the system while the real power structure remains unaltered, making it so a small ruling minority can work behind the scenes to forward an agenda that is opposed to the goals and will of the masses.

Under our system, a Supreme Leader will rule for as long as he is willing, capable and supported by the masses. He will have last say in all decision making, but also be held ultimately responsible for every aspect of our society. Ours is the only system which is in-line with the order of nature.



A3P: Banks are doing bad things. “Free trade” has hurt the economy. The third world took our jobs. We will set up tariffs. People on welfare are lazy, and we will force them into austerity. We will “end the fed.”

Total Fascism: Capitalism must be ended completely and replaced with a form of socialism, based on the model created by the Fascists of the early part of the last century, and drawing inspiration from the current Chinese economic model. All large business will be subject to state dictation, while small independent business will be widely encouraged.

First, we will nationalize all Jewish banks, as all of the money these people have has been stolen from the people of this country. The Federal Reserve will be replaced with a state-run National Bank of which every financial institution in America will be required to be a member. Usury will be illegal, all credit will be issued interest free by the state itself.

As we rebuild the production base of the nation, we will progressively scale tariffs on foreign imports, until we reach autarky, at which point it will be virtually impossible to import foreign goods (excluding specialty items).

The state will take on the responsibility of providing work for the unemployed. Work placement will be based on merit. If a person is deemed physically incapable of working, or if the state is unable to provide them with work, they will be given social welfare benefits. We will not cut welfare benefits for people unable to work, because we are not savages.

All major multinational corporations operating in the US will have all their domestic branches nationalized and either formulated into a state monopoly – this will be the case with the energy companies – or broken down into multiple competing semi-private organizations.

Though markets will remain in existence, every aspect of the economy will be wholly subject to the state, and if any economic activity is deemed by the state to be harmful to the state or the people, the state will intervene.



A3P: Restore tradition, higher test scores, teach them about the founding fathers, blah blah blah.

Total Fascism: We will replace the present system, which has been designed by capitalists to produce unthinking workers, with one which seeks to draw out the full potential of the individual. Liberal education will be replaced with a system which focuses on producing capable, productive and innovative members of society. Childhood will not be extended by excessive education – each hour the student spends in school will need to be accounted for, they will not spend any more time than in necessary in state or private educational institutions.

Children will early on be placed in a program which molds them for a specific role in society. This will be based both on capacity and the desire of the individual child; in a healthy society, these two criteria will almost always coincide.

Schools will teach a decidedly clear value system, which is in line with the traditions of our race. The mythology of the founding fathers will be either altered so as to make it more in line with our values, or it will be done away with and replaced with new mythology.

All male children will be required to undergo military training.



A3P: We will save the environment.

Total Fascism: We will adopt a zero tolerance policy toward businesses which harm the natural world. We will outlaw industrial pollution. We will outlaw deforestation, and plant hemp. We will abolish Monsanto. Industrial farming will be replaced with large-scale permaculture programs, managed by the state, which will produce healthy, organic and sustainable food, using the land to its fullest capacity which will remove the need to import food, while also providing millions of out of work Americans will jobs they can be proud of.

We will build an advanced transportation infrastructure which does away with the wastefulness and expense of every American needing his or her own car.

We will plant trees.



A3P: Families are being destroyed by political correctness. The “ruling elite” are pushing homosexuality in the media. We reject this.

Total Fascism: Degenerate Jew media will be destroyed completely. All entertainment media will be subject to strict regulation by the state. The promotion of any value system which conflicts with the traditional values of our race will be a capital offense.

Women will be discouraged from working, and receive incentives to produce as many children as possible. Strong social pressure will be brought against people who do not marry, and extreme stigma will once again be attached to divorce.

Homosexuality will be a capital offense. Abortion will be classified as first degree murder.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Affairs

A3P: We will end wars of conquest/intervention and end foreign aid.

Total Fascism: Basically the same thing.



A3P: We will deport illegals and criminals, stop all immigration, provide financial assistance to black/brown people who immigrated here since the sixties to voluntarily return to their country of origin. We will build a big fence.

Total Fascism: We will create a country that is 99% white. We will take away legal status of all black/brown persons who immigrated here after 1960, and set up a ten year program to get them all out of our homeland. We will tolerate a roughly 1% non-white population, if they are deemed to be beneficial to our society, but they will not have the same rights as Whites.

All Jews will be deported to some type of a colony.

All of our borders will be protected with landmines.

National Defense

A3P: We will end interventionist and allegedly humanitarian wars, respect Posse Comitatus, protect our borders, protect military secrets.

Total Fascism: We will end all wars, and never start another one again, unless there exists a clear and present threat of invasion.

Posse Comitatus will be abolished, given that the homefront now constitutes a war zone. The troops must be brought home from far away adventures of capitalist conquest and be deployed within our borders to deal with crime that has resulted from immigration and drugs. The border will be secured with landmines, thus requiring only a small military presence.

Honor and pride will be restored to the US military, and this will involve immediately removing women from the armed forces. Homosexual servicemen will be executed. Any servicemen proven to have ordered or committed rape, torture or other crimes which conflict with the value system will be executed.

Muslim countries who have suffered in the last decades under the imperialist rule of the Jewish-run American empire will be compensated financially, with the understanding that they will be receiving all of the Arab immigrants and their children who have entered the US since the 1960s.

Israel will be officially denounced as a terrorist state, and the largest threat to the national security of every nation on earth. Moves will be made to strip this supposed “state” of its weapons of mass destruction, in the interest of global security. We will work with the Arabs in a plan to move the Jews of Israel to a secured Jewish colony in Africa, South America or the South Pacific. The Jewish colony will be externally administered by the American military.

Race Issues

A3P: “Internationalists” have undermined our nation by the import of non-Whites. We are not racist, but we want a White America. We will promote that.

Total Fascism: All nonwhites who arrived here after 1960 will be stripped of citizenship, the vast majority being ultimately deported.

American Blacks, who never chose to come here – the Jew just brought them – will be given a sovereign homeland in North America, cut from some portion of our territory, with a 15 year plan to remove all White from this area given them, and move all Blacks into it. They will be given financial assistance.

Some portion of the Southwest may be ceded to Mexicans as a bargaining strategy, if it is deemed that this will aid in the securing of a White homeland in North America.


I do not doubt that many of those involved with A3P believe that what they are doing is the best way to get done what they want done. What I doubt is the possibility that this is possible. The total lack of support they have received, even with the genius Kevin MacDonald taking part in policy planning, demonstrates this reality.

The softening of the message ultimately amounts to lying to the public. In Goebbels writings on propaganda, he made the excellent point that the best propaganda is, above all else, true. The truth of our situation is extremely dire, and every member of our race can feel that in their bones, even if they are unable to consciously acknowledge it. We must thus speak to the soul of our people, and the soul is always drawn in by reckless honesty.

By failing to address the Jewish problem in anything beyond a negligible manner, A3P is making the gravest of mistakes. The Jew is the only real threat to our society, and all of the rest of this stuff merely amounts to symptoms. It is the Jew who brought the Black slaves into our country, it is the Jew who brought the immigrants, it is the Jew who destroyed the family, it is the Jew who destroyed the economy, it is the Jew who got us into all of these insane wars. All of this is easily provable, even to a simple working person, and it is very easy for them to understand this idea of a singular enemy force.

We need to take note and learn from the mistakes of the American Third Position as we begin to form our own revolutionary political movement.