On the History and Power of Pseudonyms

Daily Stormer
May 8, 2016


There is a clique of fools or traitors in the midst of our movement. They have taken to attacking the methods of which that make us successful. They attack white nationalism as a refuge of the uninformed and ineffectual and refuse to respond when presented with data that proves their statements false. They frequently refuse to name the Jew and say that those of us that do are hurting the cause. Their latest talking point is an attempt to insidiously delegitimize some of the most effective actors within our movement.

They say things like, “you aren’t really serious because you won’t show your face.” They attempt to propagate catchphrases like “avatard” to delegitimize those who do not operate under their real name. They condescend with scorn and pretension to “keyboard warriors” who supposedly need to “do something” to prove their commitment. They call any sort of political speech made under a pen name a form of cowardice.

They wish to delegitimize pseudonymous actors because they number greatly amongst the most effective within our movement.

Pseudonymity reaches back into the depths of American political foundations. Early American political debates that shaped the future of our country were done under pseudonyms. Both federalists and anti-federalists wrote their papers largely under pen names. Patrick Henry wrote under the name Senex. Publius, the pseudonym used to advance the arguments of the federalists included as one of its backing authors Alexander Hamilton, who died dueling. Whilst I hold nothing but derision in my heart for the philosophies of the federalists, I would not stoop so low to say that a man who died with a pistol in his hand in an existential conflict of western traditions was a coward. Alexander Hamilton surely resides in Valhalla or Fólkvangr, and I would gladly fight alongside him as a brother in the Einherjar until the advent of Ragnarök.

The resurgence of white identity that we now witness is thanks to the anonymous nature of comments sections. White men were finally given a medium to express their thoughts without a bunch of minorities and Jews hounding them to the grave, and they found out that they weren’t alone in seeing the world as it truly is. They were thus emboldened by the fact that they, rather than being a lone bit of sanity in a sea of madness, were in fact part of an expansive and treasured brotherhood that spans most of the earth. Armed with this knowledge they marched forward to spread the truth across the world, and now it reaches every corner of it.

Beyond the obvious inherent value of pseudonymous speech, the history of it in Western civilization, we have measurable data to show that it is exceedingly effective. In the marketplace of ideas, pseudonymity is winning. I know this to be true because there are two communities explicitly far right/racially aware centrist authoritarian that are doing the kind of work that drives real levels of traffic:

  1. The Stormer Troll Army. This community of this website that I love is driven almost entirely by pseudonymous actors.
  2. The Right Stuff, who from producers on down are not using their real identities.

On social media there’s a couple of our people who have a level of influence that dwarfs that of any competition.

  1. @Ricky_Vaughn99 was recently named in an MIT Media Lab analysis of top 200 election influencers at spot number 107, beating out Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Dinesh D’Souza, Glenn Beck, and Newt Gingrich. He’s not a paid pundit, never held office, and had no history in politics. He’s a shitlord named after a baseball movie character that started naming the Jew on Twitter and he’s outperforming people with millions of dollars in venture capital or their own cable news shows. Let that sink in.
  2. @DemsRRealRacist, the infamous cuckoldry-mocking “Conservative Pundit” now counts Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter amongst his fans, and gives anonymous interviews to mainstream conservative outlets like The Daily Caller, shittalking anti-racism and subservience to Israel all the way.

You cannot argue with data, and the data is quite clear. The communities that are comprised largely of pseudonymous actors are doing better off than the competition. The founding fathers of America understood that your enemies will want to hunt you for speaking freely, and thus concealed their arguments behind identities crafted solely for their dissemination. We should understand and embrace this as well, as the marketplace of ideas rewards speaking with the kind of boldness and honesty one is allowed when they might not suffer the consequences of such noble virtues.

I myself might operate under my real name, but it’s by no choice of mine. I was outed in 2008 when the feds tried to frame me for threats one of their informants made to a synagogue. If not for this event, or my subsequent felony indictments in later years, I would never have revealed to the world my identity. In many ancient folk traditions practitioners of magic and magical creatures attempt to guard their true names from being known, lest that the magics they weave might be undone. I would never tell you to risk your career for daring to speak the truth in the world. I know how great the cost can be in this age for speaking the truth under your real name, and would never tell anyone to pay it needlessly. Anyone that does is arguing against some of the only strategies that we know actually work, and argues in the interests of our enemies.

Anyone that does is a traitor, and you should tell them so.