On the Cosmic Struggle: Understanding Good and Evil as Order vs Chaos

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2018

Each man can have a personal, subjective experience of God.

Each man should seek this thing. And if he does seek it, he will find it.

But this is complicated. And we shall not discuss it here, now.

Instead, I want to point to the singular objective observable reality of God, and that is the natural world.

In the natural world, we see one thing above all else: the emergence of order out of chaos. The struggle of order against chaos to create systems of order.

From the jungles of Africa and the Amazon, to the coral reefs of Australia, to the plains and deserts of North America, to the weather, and beyond that to the cosmos, we see ordered systems forming from what should otherwise be chaos.

God is seen in nature’s pursuit of order over chaos.

And such is also true in the realms of men. From our personal lives to our community, to the society, we are in a struggle to establish order against chaos.

The Jew is the agent of chaos, and thus the agent of evil. The Aryan man is the creator of order, and thus the embodiment of goodness and divinity.

We are the ultimate expression of nature’s quest to form progressively complex systems of order in the universe. It is we who have created the great works of art, manifesting the order in new ways which the natural world was incapable of doing without us.

We have built the machine, and now we struggle against it, attempting to bring order to its machinations.

Hell has always been portrayed as a realm of chaos, while Heaven is a majestic order.


As such, it is our duty as Aryan man to fight against chaos, for the establishment of order. The purpose of our existence is the struggle to overcome chaos and establish order.

This is the only way in which we, with our small, short, fragile lives may approach divinity.

Every society is made of individuals. All of us have our individual struggle to create order in our personal lives, and then to create ordered relationships, upon which communities, societies and ultimately empires will be built.

Our bodies are temples of the spirit, and should be treated as such. Our blood – in scientific terms, the DNA within it – is of the spirit world. The spirit inside of us is projected into our flesh through the holy blood, which is the same blood that flowed through the veins of our ancestors. All of them live inside of us. And when we honor ourselves, honor our bodies, honor our brothers and our nations, we are empowered by our ancestors.

Everything inside of us, every part of our being, seeks order. But all around us is chaos. And so it is our duty to project order.

Through this, we serve God, and approach divinity.

And it is upon our ability to do what we are given the capacity to do that we shall be judged.

I choose to fight because I know that someday I will die. When I am faced with decisions, I remind myself: “someday you will die.” All actions must be taken with this in mind, or that action does not have meaning.

The path that I follow, the path of order against chaos, the path of light against darkness, I follow in the name of God.

Everything I do here, as everything I do, I do to serve this path, and to serve God, as best as I am able. As best as this body allows me to, I express the spirit within my blood, which is the light of the black sun.

A path of victory of the Aryan race consciousness over the demonic chaos of the Jew is a path each of us must choose to embrace or reject. The outcome is predetermined, for nature itself, the universe itself – God Himself – will not allow chaos to overcome order. But your role in this – this choice belongs only to you.

For God has given you the choice to embrace the struggle for order, and through this fight live forever, or to deny it, and dissolve into chaos.

I shall serve God.