On Putin’s Russia

Andrei Romanenko
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2014


Many White Nationalists are rather conflicted on whether Putin is on our side. He seems like a mixed bag. Some of his initiatives, like ban on homo propaganda to the minors, are applauded by traditionalists around the globe. Others, like outlawing anti-Semitism, are met with confusion and distrust.

As a born and raised Slavic Russian now living in North America, I will try to give my perspective on the matter. I believe my analysis would be more accurate since I understand quite well both worldviews – Russian and Anglo-Saxon.


Putin and the Tribe

Us, White Nationalists, we’re longing for one of the world leaders to step up and denounce a collective Jew. However, such a move could deliver our cause more harm than good. Remember how Marxists pushed their agenda? It’s all about semantics and euphemisms. Say one thing, but do the opposite. Never be direct about your goals. Promote equality, diversity and anti-racism, but be after white dispossession, white genocide and white demoralization.

I believe Putin is following that indirect tactic to gain an upper hand over the Jewish control of Russia. Here are a few concrete examples for you. In the 90s almost all the major media outlets in Russia were controlled by these two Jew billionaires: Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Berezovsky.

Gusinsky’s main weapon in the battle for the Russian minds, among many others, was a TV channel called NTV (Independent Television). I used to watch it growing up in the 90s, getting my daily dose of the Liberal Propaganda. The Gusinky’s TV Empire started slowly but surely incorporating all the Liberal values such as equality, non-discrimination and hard line against anti-Semitism. As we all know the one who controls the media, controls the minds.

So one of the Putin’s first initiatives when he came to power was to completely take over Gusinsky’s Empire. Gusinsky became an outlaw and had to flee Russia.

Another Jew I mentioned earlier – Boris Berezovsky actually helped Putin to rise to power. Later, Putin turned against him, announced him persona non-grata and made him flee the country as well. In 2013 Berezovsky was found dead in his London apartment. Allegedly, he committed suicide by hanging.

One more very famous Liberal Jew billionaire I should mention we’ve all heard of is Michael Khodorkovsky who spent almost ten years in a State penitentiary. As you can see Putin is well aware of the Jewish power, and he took very concrete steps to take that power away from them.

Now, you might ask “But how about those laws against anti-Semitism in Russia?” Again – say one thing, but do the opposite. Putin publicly stated that up to 85% of the Russian Bolshevik leaders were Jews. He, just like most of us Russians, is very Jew-savvy. Just like in his favourite sport, judo, you have to use your opponent’s power and weight against him. Jewish community has renegades, those Jews who are against cosmopolitanism and globalism. That’s why Putin had a meeting with the representatives of the Jewish Orthodox community recently where he, among other things, mentioned that Joseph Goebbels was talented and a smart man.

I watch and read a lot of Russia media. There are many prominent Russian politicians, thinkers and community leaders who mentioned the Jew in their speeches. Sometimes they use such words as Zionists, Cosmopolitans, Globalists, or Bankers. But it’s easy to discern it’s a Jew they’re talking about.


Putin and the support of the Russian family

A lot of us are well concerned with the decline in birth rates among whites. It’s been a long freefall ever since the 60s. Russia was in even worse situation, however, for different reasons: poverty, chaos and widespread drug and alcohol abuse around the country were rampant, especially in the 90s. A traditional Russian family was almost no more. Nevertheless, things turned around. As the economic situation improved, the overall moral of the people improved too.

In 2007 Putin introduced a governmental program called “Maternal Capital” which is a onetime payment to those families who decided to have more than one child. This social assistance motivated tens of thousands of young Russian families to have kids. The programs is still ongoing. Even my siblings who still live in Russia told me that having that chunk of money from the government was a big factor in their decision to have more kids.

I won’t go into Putin’s law against the promotion of homosexuality to the minors. The world’s Homo lobby made a good job in informing every person around the Globe about that initiative.
Overall, Putin has been consistently mentioning that supporting a family is a big priority for the government. Something you won’t hear from a Western leader.

On my last trip to Russia, I personally saw hundreds of young Russian women with strollers in the streets. They are everywhere, you always see little Russian faces which is so heartwarming.


Putin and Multiculturalism

This subject is something I’d really like to put an emphasis on. I have seen a lot of misunderstanding and confusion on behalf of North American WNs about Putin’s view of non-Russians.

Firstly, keep in mind US and Russia’s non-white populations are very different in history, origins, and attitudes. For you the word “non-white” brings images of rioting Bantu of Ferguson, short, pudgy Mexicans with terrible English, possibly some Chinese with crooked teeth and bad smell in California. Russia has none of that.

Russia has over 180 ethnic groups living in the country, almost all of them are indigenous. They lived there for hundreds and thousands of years. Just like us, Russians, have. They are home, they are not going anywhere. Russian Empire, USSR and Russia have always been milti-ethnic in nature. Think of Russia as an inland Empire if you will.

There are over 30 regional languages that have an official status along with Russian. Three Russian regions have Buddhism as an official religion. Many more have traditional Russian Islam as a main religion. That is why embracing white nationalism might just tear the country apart. The social fabric of the society is very intricate and Putin knows it. He has to consider all the aspects of the Russian society before making any statements.

However, he’s well aware that Slav Russians are the foundation of the country. And speaking of nationalism, recently he said that he’s the biggest nationalist in the country. Yet, he further explained what he meant by that word.

What most of the people don’t want are non-traditional immigrant groups settling in the country such as Uzbeks, Tajiks or the Chinese.

Today, Russia is a one giant construction site which requires millions of workers. Hundreds of thousands of apartment complexes, industrial buildings, highways, roads, logistic hubs, airports and such are being built from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. This massive restructuring needs people who are ready to work hard for a little pay. Russian don’t want to work under such conditions, thus you have mainly Uzbeks, Tadjiks and Chinese doing that. My only hope is that Putin has a plan on how to send them back to where they came from once the projects are over.


Putin as a Traditionalist

White Nationalism is deeply rooted in tradition. In appreciating and embracing our European origins, traditions and way of life. Today, The West is in the grip of cosmopolitanism, an ideology that denies whites the right to belong. Liberalism allows you to be only a human, no collective identities are allowed for the whites. Today History is the source of shame, embarrassment and indoctrination for the gentiles.

To the contrary, Putin embraced Russian tradition, he made Russian history the source of the national pride and kind of spiritual cradle. He’s always seen posing in from of newly opened monuments and memorials to the Great Russian warriors, solders, Emperors, State figures and poets.

Putin talks of tradition with passion, oftentimes he cites some of the Russian State men of the past. He leads by the example. I believe he’s doing a very good job in that matter.

Of course the talk on traditionalism wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Russian Orthodoxy. Putin is a believer, he’s a regular church goer and he’s proud of that. Russia’s identity is synonym with Russian Christian tradition. Today, Russian Orthodoxy is being revived. Thousands of new churches have been build and renovated around the country.

Importantly, the Russian Church is very anti-Liberal, pro-family, pro-tradition and its gaining power. I’m an Atheist myself but I fully support Russian Orthodoxy which cannot be compared to the rotten, Marxist, pro-multiculturalist Protestantism and Catholicism.

I think I’ll stop here for now. Hopefully my opinion will shed some light on Putin’s Russia for you.


[This is an op-ed and thus does not necessarily represent the views of the Daily Stormer or its publisher Andrew Anglin.  I thought you all would enjoy a Russian perspective on things.  And yes, I am also willing to publish an anti-Putin Russian perspective, if one of a publishable quality comes across my desk. –AA.]

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