On Fat Bitch Conversion Therapy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2017

There has been a lot of talk on the internet these days about “fat bitch conversion therepy.”

In theory, a man can find a fat bitch who is of extremely low sexual marketplace value, and then psychologically manipulate her into getting into shape using verbal abuse, threats and beatings.

Personally, I believe this is a great idea and a system that can work. It isn’t really that difficult to get in shape. You can get the fat bitch, then start regulating her food intake and bringing her to the gym with you. Within six months, you will have turned a fat slob 3-4 into a firm and healthful 7-8. Of course, you will have to have sex with and look at the fat bitch during that period of transition, so it is a sacrifice, but I believe that a fat bitch that you have made healthy is more valuable than a bitch who has gotten fit of her own accord.

What you have to make sure of is that you don’t let her self-esteem go up as her looks improve. You also have to make absolutely certain that she believes she will die if she leaves you.

This could in fact be the final solution to a lot of gf problems that men are having.

The process has six steps:

  1. Get in shape yourself, raising your SMP beyond that of the average man (takes really only 3-4 months).
  2. Find a girl who is local age of consent up to 22 and has good genetics, but is just fat and lazy and thus has lower SMP than you.
  3. Get her in shape (takes max 6 months).
  4. Ensure her self-esteem remains at the level it was when she was fat and constantly remind her she would be nothing without you. Check local laws to see if you are allowed to threaten to murder her if she leaves you/cheats on you. If local laws prohibit that, find other ways to keep her in a state of fear.
  5. Get her preggo ASAP (but not while still fat – give it at least a few months after she is fit).
  6. Spend as much time as possible with the children when they are young and implant in their minds the idea that their mother may turn against you and them. You need to make it clear that if she leaves, the children will absolutely remain loyal to you, even if the kike court rules that they have to live with her.

Remember: we are going to have to prove the old adage “you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife” wrong, as if we are going to fix our society, we are going to have to turn hoes into housewives.

And I am genuinely starting to believe that it may be that we will turn fat and sloppy hoes into fit and healthful housewives.

Here are some examples.

And I’m telling you straight-up (I do not lie) – even the most extreme of these can be done in six months if you know what you’re doing and the girl is 22 or under (and doesn’t have some kind of serious genetic problem). I will explain how this is done in detail in the future, but it is mainly diet and then four days a week at the gym doing routine things.

Yes, even that last one: six months.

If you follow my instructions.

The Risks?

The obvious number one risk is what we’ve already implied – that after you transform the bitch using your intelligence and will, she will leave you to hypergamously slut it up on a much higher level than she could before you did the transformation. However, that risk can be dealt with by taking measures to ensure her self-esteem remains where it was when she was fat, and also making her fully psychologically dependent on you.

The other risk is that you will be dragged down to her level and become a fat slob yourself once you realize how easy it is. However, I think you are stronger than that.

The other risk is that you will be driven insane by having to have sex with and look at a fat bitch during the conversion process. But again: I believe you are stronger than that.

So overall, the risks here are minimal.

And the rewards: big time.

Saving the white race from extinction as well as living a happy normal family life.